The one where you finally find out Punky’s name….

Punk at the park

…I know you’ve been dying to find out. Don’t pretend you haven’t. Okay, maybe you haven’t, but I have to tell you for my little story to work. I do.

Something to make you smile on a Monday morning;


Me:     “Can you say Mummy?”

Punk:  “Mahmee”

Me:     “Can you say Daddy?”

Punk:  “Dahdee”

Me:     “Can you say Scarlett?”

Punk:  “Punk!”

Oh how I laughed! Of course, ever since, I have been coaching her in how to say “Scarlett” (…comes out, alternately, as “Sket” & “Carlet”).


  1. I love Scarlet! I love your little story too. and yes, I have been dying to know!

  2. She suits Scarlet too - lovely! Though I do love Punky, it'll probably always stick as a bit of a family nic-name. Very cute story, I love her automatic response as 'Punk!'...

  3. Yes of course we've been dying to know. Scarlet is lovely, how did she get Punky?? by the way that is the most beautiful photo of her, I love it!

  4. Now ladies, I don't mean to be "one of those" mothers, but it is 'Scarlett' with two 't's... ;)

    Deb, when she was wee I called her "Pumpkin" which evolved to "Punk'n" then "Punky". DP calls her "Pinchy" because she loves to pinch lol... poor confuddled love!

  5. lovely and I'm sure she'll use them both to her greater advantage when she is older depending on the adventure at hand.

  6. O wow - I always thought her names was actually Punky. I just assumed you were a really big fan of that TV show Punky Brewster (?!?! is that what it was called???).
    Well there you go.
    Scarlett is a lovely name.

  7. What was that actress called? Something Moonfry????

  8. I have always loved the name Scarlett. We once new a beautiful little girl with this name. I would have had a Scarlett too but after Charlotte...well, it was a little too much! Great photo & super cute story xo

  9. huh, so Punky has another name. Huh, who knew! And ScarletT is a very very lovely one.

  10. Sally - Really?! You know, I have wondered that in the past;
    a) Do peeps think Punky IS Punky &
    b) Is there anyone really called Punky...?!

    I can't say I was a fan of PB actually - it was a wee bit before my time, the actual show with actors anyway, I do remember the later cartoon a little...!

  11. ha! i just thought her name must be punky :)

  12. haha, that is so cute. I do love her name, but she will also be Punky :)

  13. Scarlett & me sounds very cool aswell!
    gorgeous name but she will be known as Punky for a long time to come hey.

    it's definitely better than Amelie's nickname..not original, but monkey.

  14. Oh that is so cute Vic! I really hadn't thought about it you know I always thought of her as Punky. The name Scarlet is just beautiful.:)

  15. I'd TOTALLY been wondering what her name is...but then I thought you might have REALLY LOVED punky brewster as a kid so I just came to think that WAS her real name! LOVE IT!!!

  16. Yes, I have been dying to know! Scarlett is such a pretty name! And such a cute story!

  17. ive always loved her name!
    but hey we are the same age right? how can punky brewster the show be before your time, i used to watch it, and im your age too, it was the best, i always wore a thing around my knee and had the doll etc <3 aw good times.

    these days though i guess some kids may be called punky, because some of the crazy names out there wouldnt suprise me at all lol!

    do u have names worked out for the new baby?

    we have the first and middle names picked for our kids, and none in sight to even name...sad lol

  18. A gorgeous name, by a gorgeous Mama, for a gorgeous girl!Still loving the Punk nom too. Hope you're keeping well ;)

  19. What a fantastic name!!!!! I was wondering this WHoooooooooooooooooole time, I was. :) thanks for sharing hehe


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