Holy Smoke.

Right – so, please excuse two “Wow I’m so lucky, look what I got!” posts in one day, but if I didn’t show you what I got in the mail today I would burst, so you’re just going to have to lump it.

After posting this morn about waiting on my sumpin sumpin from Lola Nova; it came!


Not only the deliciously red & gorgeously made sumpin sumpin I actually bought, but something spectacular for Le Punk & a marvellous wee onesie for the baking bub too…



I was all “Ooooh” & “Ahhhhhh!” Lola, I was, and so was the Punk & then I sat stunned & then I cried & felt unworthy but grateful & happy & overwhelmed & full of such wonder at your generosity & your beautiful heart.


journal back

I know you didn’t send these things for kudos, I know you did it because that is who you are, & because I like to think we’ve clicked somehow since stumbling across each other here in this great big blogosphere & I’m so glad & grateful for that & I’m going to cry again


Damn you woman (…and thank you; so much.) xo.


  1. Oh wow! All beautiful. Love that big cheesy grin, a very happy little one there...

  2. Oh Darlin', I'm so glad you were pleased. It gave me great good feelings to send that wee package off to you. and what nice things you said, aww shucks, now you given me a drip and what with the rare occasion that I'm actually wearing mascara...

    Ooh, i'd love to give you a big old squeeze, I would!

  3. Wowsers. If only I could have run off today with your post box (and its contents) under my arm...enjoy them all. They are gorgeous.

  4. Oooh and aaaah indeed - lucky you!

  5. WOW!! What Wonderful mail surprises!!

  6. Aww it's so nice to be thought of and even more nice to be made a fuss of, friends are such a blessing good on both of you great gals.

  7. Isn't blogland such a wonderful place. I love reading about the friendships that are made here.

  8. that is just go good. the whole thing. x

  9. that is just go good. the whole thing. x

  10. All gorgeous and you are so worthy.xo

  11. oooh a camper & a caravan, Lola you rock.....precious parcels indeedy rxx


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