If You’re Sitting Comfortably….

…I would like to tell you a story. An unlikely story, perhaps so unbelievable that you will think it a fairytale, and in a way… it is.

Once upon a time, a not-all-that-young anymore lass bought herself a couple of home style magazines with which to bide her time during a couple of lazy days at the beach. Within the pages of each of these periodicals she came across an item of great beauty & decided there & then that she would have said item, no matter what; however, our poor lass was indeed that – poor, or, at least, too cheap to shell out the $125 the magazines proclaimed the item in question would cost her, perhaps, she decided, she would just have to add the mythical treasure to her “wanted” list & move on with life for now.

The very next day, relieved of her small mischievous charge for the morning, the lass decided to pop down the street for a spot of opshopping. It was a glorious sunny Saturday morning & the lass enjoyed being able to walk to the shops in a matter of minutes, arriving happy & energised instead of crawling on all fours, gasping for water.

For some reason, a mystery to us now, just as it was to our dear lass, she noticed that a second hand junk shop she wouldn’t have thought to be open on a Saturday morning, was indeed trading. The lass generally stayed away from this shop – it rarely had anything of interest, and if it did, it was out of her price comfort zone, but, as being alone and able to peruse at leisure was a rare occasion, the lass decided to pop in – to look solely for her recent magazine holy grail. She knew that the chances of coming across this particular item were slim – but maybe she’d find something similar – and cheaper, which would do just as well.

Our lass went in. She perused. She found furniture like she already owned for $100 more than she would have ever paid for it. She found dusty things, broken things, but not a single thing that tickled her fancy, and not what she had come in for.

Her spirits sank. She had really sort of thought that she would find something, even if it wasn’t quite what she was after, or was too expensive, or broken…. but she was coming up with nothing, nada, zip…

until. Rounding the corner to the last musty aisle, she spotted something promising. Something she had forgot the item may very well be residing in, and so was not particularly keeping an eye out for… a case… upside down… under some junk…

With her breath caught in her chest & her heart beating just that little bit faster, the lass approached. With a shaking hand she reached out – oh! The case was heavy! It wasn’t empty… she turned it over & unzipped it carefully…

Suddenly, it was as though the angels were singing & the brightest light was shining upon her – not only had she found her unlikely treasure, but it was EXACTLY the one she was after, in fabulous condition. She stood staring for a moment, then, breathing deeply, she carefully re-zipped the dusty case & took it with a nonchalant air to the counter, pointing at it listlessly & asking in a bored voice how much it might be.

“Oh. I didn’t think we had any of those…” said the lady, looking at the old case quickly “…$10?”

The lass could not part with her $10 quick enough, and floated out of the shop, happy as can be…..




  1. absolutely chartreuse with envy, nay puce with envy and a little bit sad cause my mom told me she gave hers away a couple of years ago damn her.
    but a little bit happy for you nonetheless :)

  2. A great story. I think I'll have to add you to the op shopping series of Q&As I am preparing. Would you be keen?

  3. Oh I love it and the little tale is great:)

  4. You really are insync with the Op- Shop Gods methinks.

  5. ahhh, thank goodness you have apparently sacrificed appropriately to the op shops gods! How utterly amazing. Isn't it lovely when the universe sends us such treats?!

  6. Lola - I like to picture you charteuse with envy my sweet, so I will stick with that... ;)

    Katie - Ummmmmmmm YES!

    Kylie - I really should learn to read... I was like "What little table...?!" ;)

    Zof - Well... it was nae an oppy for a change, more an overpriced junk dealer (usually)... but still....

    crzylady - Yes, yes, yes! I was on a high all day... I do believe this was the very first time I have EVER found, first go, the exact thing I was looking for...!

  7. whoop whoop how delightful a tippy tappy machine adorning your new abode...wait & those precious things will come...rxx

  8. Congrats! I used to have one like this years ago. Good luck with the ribbons!! Jenny

  9. Well done! I had an inkling it might be a type writer! Is your first novel just around the corner????? I’d love one, if I had unlimited funds (or your luck) and unlimited space.

  10. Hurrah!!!! Jolly good find m'lady... and a damn fine story.

  11. Yayyyyyyyyyyy ... the suspense in the telling was gripping ;))

  12. sooooo nice! an absolutely ace find. completely jealous!

  13. ahhh its awesome!! what a find!
    I desperatly want a pink one some day, i have white, black, teal, green but i want pink, or maybe yellow.
    Im going to hang them on the wall someday, in a row, they will look awesome, but first i need more, and a house of my own of course to hang them :)
    haha i love how the magazines say they are so pricey! its insane.
    I have 8 typewriters now,always want more, and the dearest was 10, the rest, were mostly $2, in their original cases and some with new ink spool thingys!
    op shops, markets and garage sales are like treasure troves <3

  14. That's fantastic. Makes winning lotto seem possible. Hope you've got a ticket!

  15. I learnt to type on one of these (but i think the slightly older version) and even did my school and a couple of uni assignments on it. i'm about to text my mum and see if she still has it ... i am worried it went the way of her very cool polaroid ... but fingers crossed!

  16. Oh yay! A fairytale! I have the exact same typewriter, watch out!! That first typewriter can start an obsession, although I only have 6 so far ;-p


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