Dodgey Post...

...'tis dodgey 'cause there is no picture (BOO HISS!) & very brief - pretty much the only thing not already at Le Cottage or packed up ready to go is the computer....!
Big stuff? Gone!
We slept there last night! Cool & weird & interesting & great... I think I am in love kids, I do! Punky's room is coming together (hers always looks the best, the fastest... pfft) & I CAN see potential here, there & everywhere.
I even found a picture of the "kitchen" the boy & I had when we first moved in together - it was a stove & a sink, with no hot water... so I am at least thankful we have a couple of benches, cupboards... and hot water!
Right, things to do, boxes to move, a house to clean... (ugh).
Hopefully be back next week, if Telstra is on my side (pray for me), live from Le Cottage with pictures & whatnot.


  1. Best of luck my dear, can't wait to hear how the first few days go. Sending lots of super fantastic thoughts your way!

  2. I hope it all comes together for you really quickly and feels like home. How come the kids always get things sorted before we do? In an airplane you are meant to put your oxygen mask on beofre the kid's! XX

  3. Ah, setting up kids' rooms is so much more fun than more boring adult rooms (depending on how many crocheted toilet roll holders you have to display)Happy settling in!

  4. good luck you & clan can't wait to see the new pics of home sweet home rxxx

  5. ah telstra, bane of my life at the moment!
    however, I have my fingers crossed they look after you. enjoy settling into the cottage, looking forward to the pictures

  6. Well it's still a bit goddam exciting. I hope it comes together quickly and easily and starts feeling like home soon.
    And bloody Telstra get their act together.

  7. Loads of happy wishes for this exciting time for you all. Have everything crossed for you re Telstra. xo

  8. Go on - get outta there!
    well done.
    looking forward to seeing some pictures.
    xx Amy

  9. hope its all going well Vic!
    Gee, yuu really did buy a 'renovators delight' huh :)

  10. Hopefully you're still having fun with the "coming togethers" Vic. Will be great to see all the very cool arrangements I'm sure you'll come up with.
    Best of luck with it all. :)


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