Miss Punk & I missed our re-scheduled Gymbaroo date yesterday because I noticed a weird sound with the car on the way back from Play School on Thursday. I didn’t know what it was, but it didn’t sound right at all & I did nae want to drive to Gymbaroo (about an hour away) by myself not knowing what it was.

The Boy didn’t know either, he’s not your typical car-crazy bloke, and we’ve only had a car for a year or so….! He drove it to work & his boss couldn’t figure it out, then they took it to some tyre place at lunchtime to have it checked out.

A tyre was loose.



SUPER loose. The guy said that someone had tried to STEAL IT while we were in at the show but had probably been spooked. He said that someone he knew was in the same town last week it had happened to them.

How. Scary. Is. That?!

I’m so glad I didn’t drive it yesterday – in the rain too mind you. I can’t even imagine the kind of trouble one would get into when one of your tyres popped off while driving along the highway at 100 kms an hour.

Frikkin yikes.


  1. Lucky Vic that you listened to the noise rather than just ignoring it and hoping it would go away... ahem... like someone I know might...

  2. That is absolutely freaky. I'm so glad you are ok. I can't believe it. Ugh, nasty nasty people out there.

  3. OMG! thank goodness nothing happened and you both had the sense to figure out what it was instead of shrugging it off (like a lot of people would)

  4. oh that is scary. i'm just imagining you making it into a dramatic life and death story for punk :)

  5. yeah, I ignore those noises too..just not the steam that comes out of the bonnet.
    glad you are ok..and really, why would you need to steal someones wheel!

  6. Good thinking you! I am so glad you went with your gut and didn't drive. I say, you are a natural, only just with your license to drive and already a pro. Smart mommy you are (yoda voice intended).

  7. WOW lucky you had the commonsense not to drive!! Don't you wish you could track down the people who did it, and let them know how dangerous what they did is! Or at least give them a mouthfull!

  8. What a relief you didn't ignore the noise!! People have no respect for other peoples stuff do they? And no regard for the consequences of their actions. Glad you are both OK

  9. Scary and pretty odd too, I didn't know people tried to steal tyres. Good on you for rescheduling, I am a 'somethings wrong with the car but I dont know what it is so will just keep driving sort of person. I hope I have learnt a lesson.

  10. Wow, so glad you didn't go!!!! Don't want to think about the consequences. Sure beats my story of running out of petrol as I dorve into the BP- you sure need to buy a lottery ticket, I just need a boot up my arse!!!! How's the move going? Did mine today, enjoying having dinner cooked for me by new boy after being a removalist with the real boys for the day. Sweet!

  11. Oh that is awful, I'm so glad that you took heed of the rattle and didn't hit the highway in the rain with a loose tire. Eek indeed.

  12. oh my, glad nothing DID happen!
    but who the hell tries to steal tires of a mother at a playschool concert? seriously some people....

  13. Oh, luckily everything is okay now!

    The same thing happened to my parents. You don't want to think about what might have happened.

    But do you really want to check the tyres everytime you start the car?

    Sad, sad world...!

  14. It is so important to listen to and trust your instincts Vic. Well done to you for doing both.

  15. that is scary Vic! But you were smart to listen. I'm super glad you did


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