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Oh I got me some nifty opshopped goodies last week – MORE cases, if you can believe it, and the retro-est lot of linen you can imagine, but it’s all at Le Cottage and I, still, am not. Nope. I am still here, with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs. All boxes & little things are over there, waiting, and all furniture & big things are over here, waiting!

I don’t want to complain… ah hell, yes I do. It’s one of my favourite things! The Boy drives me C R A Z Y – everything is always “tomorrow” or “next week” or “later”. Usually it’s to do with things like putting the car in for a service, or mowing the lawn, but right now it is to do with MOVING and I kinda want it done NOW. He’s being cheap – not wanting to shell out for a removalist, so I have to wait until he has time off work & his boss can help him with the big stuff… and really, who knows when that will be?! He also has to put the fence up at Le Cottage – lest we have a rambunctious dog & several bewildered chickens rampaging downtown….

I digress. (…deep breaths…)

I do have one oppy find with me here & it’s nice. Oh yes. So nice.

“The French Chef” – Beautiful book in fantastic condition, printed in Japan but no publish date…? The illustrations are DIVINE.





It has also told me that scrambled eggs in French are actually Oeufs Brouillés, so next time I am feeling lazy & make them for dinner, I can pretend I am actually just feeling… French.

For more thrifted goodness head over to Sophie’s for Flea Market Finds (…when she get’s out of bed… oh to have gone out on a Saturday night!)


  1. hehe, we had a little bit of Oeufs Brouillés for brekkie yesterday - does it count that the carnovores also had jambon... it would sound nice - Oeufs Brouillés avec Jambon. noice.

    Boys can be so annoying. I too am a 'now' and he is a 'later' person. x

  2. I love that book and your other finds sound divine!

    My boy is a can't sit still - must do it right now kind. Which is wonderful...if his do it right now and my do it right now match up. Alas, it rarely does. For example; right now I would very much like the lawn mowed and can't do it myself due to a gimby arm. He would very much like to catalog his digital music collection with matching cover art and such on his computer. Thus, the lawn grows on.

  3. How cute are those illustrations, what a lovely find. Good luck with the whole Boy helping to move thing, as my sister once pointed out, The Coach is a lovely sort but you have to light a firecracker under him to get things done. Arghhh.

  4. I love this style of illustration. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. I will visit again soon. Hope the next week sees some serious moving action happening. Melinda xo

  5. I too, own that delightful book, (I nicked it from my mum,shhh!)
    Sigh, Vic I SO hear you on that call...'later'- I hate that word!
    Usually it is one request that can be managed per weekend, this one being'make mech figures with Alex. ;)

  6. hahaha i remember our last move so well, i badgered the landlord for the keys, decided not to wait for himself to get home & spent the day with 2 wee small ones ferrying loads back & forth in the car....am too such an impatient Madam!! Can't wait, won't wait my motto...Am soooo lovin that book wha a treat, hope you is feelin okay, make sure you take it easy! Big Hugs rxx

  7. gorgeous illustrations ... and i might try a little oeufs brouilles for breakfast tomorrow.

  8. those illustrations are super cool Vic! I nice distraction from your moving/not moving situation. I can remember the days when I too had a partner who was shall we say...frugal? After baby no.2 I seriously put my foot down though! Enough with the cheapskate mentality, I want that van and I want it NOW! It worked. xo

  9. I feel your pain. I have been pestering my lovely husband all weekend to help me with odd jobs around the house but he is sooooo pre-occupied with moving boxes in his garage. What is with men and their sheds!? More sacred than any women's business let me tell you. Your cook book is beautiful. The kind of book that inspires you to whip up some dishes to die for!

  10. Very cute cook book Vic! I hope you can find a way to get the boy in motion soon........maybe if you packed all his clothes and moved them to the cottage he might get the hint? Or would he just drive over every time he wants to get changed lol.

  11. I love those illustrations - so very "Madeline" don't you think?

  12. those illustrations are gorgeous, can't wait to see your other finds :)

  13. i have this exact book! how cute is it?! :D

  14. Oh I love these illustrations, they would look so gorgeous in frames together, what a fab find!
    Sophie x


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