Guilty Pleasures – Television Edition

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Yesterday saw the return of one of my all time biggest telly guilty pleasures; Wife Swap.

What makes something a guilty pleasure? The fact that you know you shouldn’t be doing it. You know, for example, that sitting down to an episode of Wife Swap will make you a little dumber. You know that your life will neither be enriched or assisted by watching it, but damn, you’re going to do it anyway, because it’s SO BAD IT’S GOOD.

I can’t decide which version of Wife Swap I like better – the original UK version or the American version… the American version swaps much more extreme couples, but the original version was funnier – perhaps the narration? Who am I kidding, I’d watch them both, even if the house were falling down around me. I delight in the ‘to camera’ confessions of the swapped wives & the inevitable blow-up between the forced together families…. ahhh…. I’m evil (…in a sad, voyeuristic kinda way…).

My other guilty pleasure where TV is concerned is also ‘So Bad It’s Good’… I love it because I can’t believe it exists, that people like that exist, and my entire viewing period is spent yelling “What did he just say?!” or shaking my head in disbelief; Dog – The Bounty Hunter. If you want to see the rare sight of me running (I do warn you though – it’s not pretty), switch on Dog within hearing distance and I am THERE – just about my favourite part is the theme song… oh maaaaaaaaan, I die a little inside every time I hear that.

Not that I would ever admit to watching either of these outside of the relative anominity of blogland mind you, I mean, they’re called ‘Guilty Pleasures’ for a reason….


  1. I love bad but so good tv. When I lived in the States there was so much to choose from
    "Real Chance of Love"
    "Rock of Love"
    "The Real housewives of..."
    "Charm School"
    "A double shot of love" two bi sexual twins trying to find love.

    Too many to mention. I'm sure I wasted a lot of brain cells watching bad tv.

  2. I got home too late last night to watch Wife Swap :( but it is one of my guilty pleasures too. :o)

  3. I've never watched Wife Swap - I know my mum liked the UK version - but that King Curtis video is hilarious! What a twerp.

  4. Oh Vic I am with you. I looove Wife Swap! It is so funny. I hate to admit it but we even taped it last night. 7:30pm is such a bad time with kid's baths etc, but I simply could not miss it! I am a sucker for all those bad reality tv shows!

  5. Oh... my... God! How funny is that little kid?! "King Curtis"?!

    Yeah, voyeuristic tv shows are - the - best! Super Nanny, Wife Swap, ... in Germany there's a show called "Out of the debts" (I hope I translated this understandable). It's about people who have debts of 10.000s of dollars who need a debt advisor to help them.

    I need to throw my tv out the window!!!


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