Oh. Wow.
What a couple of days I've had!
In summation:
  • Number of times my Internet was wrongly disconnected early: 1
  • Number of times I called Telstra & was hung up on before making it to tech support: 3
  • Number of people spoken to on Day 1 of Internet loss: 4
  • Number of people able to resolve my "issue": 0
  • Hours that Internet should have taken to be reconnected: 24
  • Actual hours of no Internet: 53
  • Number of times I NEEDED the Internet in those 53 hours: at least 79
  • Number of people I spoke to today with regard to reconnection: 5

  • Number of hours spent on the phone to various departments at Telstra today: 2

  • Number of times the power should have been connected to Le Cottage: 1
  • Number of times the power WAS connected to Le Cottage: 0
  • Number of electricians needed to conduct an inspection & issue a certificate of electrical safety: 1
  • Number of dollars this cost: 78
  • Number of tins of paint remover needed to complete hideous rubber underlay removal: 1
  • Number of tins of paint remover in stock at Mitre 10: 0
  • Number of people interested in taking over My Place and Yours: 4 (Will have a draw me thinks...)
  • Number of non-spammy emails waiting for me 10 minutes ago when the Internet was finally reinstated: 67
  • Number of Doctor's appointments postponed because SOMEONE was not home in time to watch Le Punk/give me the car: 1
  • Number of nervous breakdowns in the making: 1


  1. Hmmm, everything's a bit mental at the moment! It'll all be OK....I promise :)

  2. Due to recent numerous phonecalls to get satisfaction with Telstra I can wholeheartedly sympathise! Things will get better I'm sure, just post moving hassles. Take big breathes!!!

  3. But Jackie... we haven't even moved yet!!!! All of that was just to get the internet reconnected HERE after they disconnected it early....!!! UGH. I shudder to think what the actual moving of the service will be like....

  4. And [bummer] you can't have alcohol! This does not sound like fun, at all :(

  5. oh bugger! What a pain in the arse! ALL of it. Is the mr who didn't return the car on time still alive, because mine would be hard pressed to breathe after such a thing

  6. Only 1 nervous breakdown? That is very well done considering!

  7. that sucks. lots of peeps at PG today, we missed you + punky.

    I too hate being on the phone to telstra :(

  8. It's amazing how you don't realise howmuch you rely on it until it's gone.

  9. Our day sounds so similar it's scary! Moving day isn't till Saturday, but dealt with telstra- same thing happened! Bloody Optus's fault for not being at my new place. Why can't you have any alcohol? I'm onto my third beer, thank God (yes, a relapse, but I figure moving does that to you!)

  10. Wow, only 79 times. That shows great restraint.
    Do you know, when we got slowed earlier this year, I secretly recharged the wireless account, stuck it in the laptop and happily blog surfed ~ and told no-one.
    I'm such an only child.


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