**Drum-roll Puhlease…!!**


Right you lot!

Get on over to Hello Owl right now & yell “Good Morning!”, “Congratulations!” (…for more than just winning this I might add… she’s cooking a bub or two…!), “Aaaaaaaaargh!” or anything else (…nice!) you fancy at Danielle , for she is your new leader in all things ‘My Place & Yours’!

Thank you to all that put their sweet lil’ hands up for it – I wish I could let you all have a turn! (But hey, you never know, if you bother Danielle a whole bunch, she might relent & at least crown you Theme Queen for the week!)

Have fun with it Danielle, when I am sorted I’ll definitely try to pop around & play!


  1. well done to Hello Owl!
    we love you Mrs P's mamma

  2. I predict that you will be popping around and playing sooner that later!
    You wont be able to help yourself. xx


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