Tunes for Tuesday

I thought I’d share some funny, novelty songs that I have nae heard in a looooooooooong time, one of them popped into my head for no reason yesterday & made me smile. If you’ve wee kiddies underfoot mind, headphones are the way to go, there is, as old ladies say, “some language”.



  1. Oh man! I haven't heard King Missile in ages, thanks for the funny flashbacks!

  2. Awesome! Three of the Best! Cow Dung Flung!

  3. lol those songs were huge werent they!
    You know whats sad, ayesha had not heard of cows with guns, or detachable penis, ever, until recently when we were talking about stupid songs, but, i guess she is only almost 23, so was a child back when we were teens ;) lol
    i just made us sound like 100 years old ;)

  4. Thank you for rekindling my passion for these fabulous songs. Has been ages since I heard them. Hard to determine a favourite but I think Cows with Guns is a classic!

  5. Any post with Dennis is always a win in my books! I was trying to expalin 'cows with guns' to Glen the other day, that is no easy task. I can show him in person now. Please know as I lay on the pillow tonight, detachable penis will be echoing in my head, scary dreams could await

  6. OMG Cows with guns...how cool was that song!!! Thanks for the reminder :-)


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