My Place And Yours – An Announcement….



One adolescent meme – free to GOOD home. Likes to be taken out once a week – preferably to friend’s houses. Enjoys snooping & learning interesting facts. Sleeps in on Mondays & is allergic to oranges…..

That’s right… after an extremely brief stint here at Punky & Me, My Place And Yours feels it’s time to move on. It doesn’t like feeling neglected, which is perfectly understandable, and likes to feel useful… wanted even, and it knows that if it hangs around here…. well…. Things are only going to get worse.


Do you want it?! Will you love it & cherish it & maybe even let me play once in a while? I’d like that. Very much.


  1. I'll put my hand up ... all through Christmas and since you've not felt up to carrying on I've been My Place & Yoursing! Here's the weblink to my post this Sunday (http://itsthethingsthatmakeyougommmm.blogspot.com/2010/02/good-thingsmy-place-yours.html)

    It's such a great meme and it would be so sad for it to stop.

  2. Bother, I think I just missed out, I would love to have it too... it's so cool to see what everybody does each week!

  3. Oh I love my place and yours! It really is a fabulous meme, I would be happy to take it on, perhaps even combine it with Flea Market Finds somehow. So many possibilities! I would really love to see it continue.
    Sophie x

  4. Glad to see meme continuing. Being new to blogging, I don't think I would have the confidence to have taken it on. Sorry. Vic, tablecloths make great camouflages for those unpacked boxes (ha ha). Hope it's not too long until you have your 200th follower! I will still come and visit you! Best wishes, Jenny

  5. glad to see it continuing, i just was saying on my blog that i miss it.
    id put my hand up too, been blogging for years now and know my way around but it looks like somebody has their hand up.
    woohoo cant wait to see it around!

  6. Wooooo hoooooo!!! 200 followers :)

    I know you don't do this to be popular, but it does show you're doing a great job so congrats Vic :)

  7. you have done a great job hosting mp&y. it's a fun meme and i love to play along and get out there visitng new and familiar places. not hard to understand that it may get a bit much given all that you are doing at present. yahoo for lily40au. look forward to the next installment

  8. looking forward to playing my place and yours again!

    thanks for being a great host Vic

  9. Hi Vic, congrats on the 200th Follower. No doubt you will have many more. Jenny

  10. Make sure to let us know where My Place and Yours moves. I was just getting into it...

  11. ohh lovely, this is how I have felt all week long..but I can't give away those kids..I love them too much :) (joke..don't call human services..)


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