This Week.

I haven’t written this weekly to-do list in a while; I’ve been meaning to, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Since it’s so very magical in making things happen however, & I have a great many things this week needing to happen, here I am.

This week I will;


….fix up this mess. Someone said when I finished the yarn chair that they’d be interested to see how it wears… well; here you are. Obviously I need to secure it better than just winding & tying, I may need to break out the glue.


Make a second attempt at my hottie cover for Cam’s hottie challenge. I made this one last night & it didn’t turn out at all how I wanted so I’m keeping it, quite literally a “warm up”. It’s snuggly; just doesn’t look right.


Attempt a dodgey applique of a Yo Gabba Gabba character on to a yet-to-be-made garment for Le Punk to wear to their show on Saturday. We are spending the day in Melbourne, just Punky & me; shopping & sushi-ing & in my case, worrying like crazy about my wee man at home with his Daddy.


Finally decide what I’m doing for the Brooch Swap & finish my brooch (…yes, there is a bit of an Eames theme apparent there…).


Find somewhere to wear my new, cute, bargain gumboots (If you’re after gumboots & are anywhere near Dimmeys go, now. $9.99; $5 for kid’s sizes. There were some cooler styles but not in my gargantuan size….).

…annnnnnnnnnnd DRINK MORE WATER. I made somewhat of an effort the last time I said I should but I am back now to a practically zero water-on-it’s-own intake.

What are you up to this week?


  1. Don't think that we have Dimmeys here in SA sadly- could do with some new gumbies. Like those brooches! Just remembered I need to email you this week too. lol 2 procrastinators like us certainly extend the time taken to finish up a deal :P

  2. Blimey. Your list could so easily be my list. Except now you've distracted me cos I just want to make a yarn chair (maybe with a dollop of glue).

  3. I would soooo go and get me some of those boots bu-ut I seem to have these suckers of badly designed mens numbers that cost me a fortune, well $40, at a garage sale a while back but then hadnt worn them til just yesterday around the house.
    Nice Eamesy brooches, x

  4. I love the eames. LOVE. Shall i remind you again about the water, as I sit here sipping away piously at litre number 2 for the day?

  5. lots to do this week for you! sopunds like some good girlie fun, yay.
    thanks for pointing out that I need to start both hottie & brooch...ahhh

    enjoy Ms Vic ♥

    Love the look of the new boots - we dont have a Dimmy's here in QLD either and at $9.95 they are a bargin. Have a great week. I have enjoyed the day spending with my two - lots of cuddles and couch time and a little time in the sun this afternoon. Just what the Dr ordered. I will do a post later tonight.

  7. My ongoing challenge is to drink more water than coffee. Some days I get there. Yes - you need to glue the chair :)

  8. Suggestions for yarn chair:
    Heavy spritz with hairspray.
    Pour a tin of varnish over the whole thing.
    Something to do with Mod Podge.

  9. That's some list. Loving the gumboot, maybe you could wear them to the show! Good luck with the chair, you are a brave woman. I'd probably just chuck it out. But then, I am extremely lazy. Oh gosh! The brooch swap!! Better start making my own list....

  10. This week my head is spinning with to-dos, so much so that I can't even name them.

    Poor yarny chair...

  11. love your blog. Thanks for stopping by radishandruth.
    I think I need to make a cup of tea and sit and have a read.xx

  12. IS THAT a mechanical CAT?! ahhh want want want!!

    ah, there used to be a Dimmeys in hobart, back in the day when I lived there..my mum loved it so!


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