Magnificent mail.

Ah I love happy mail! It makes my morning, my day, my week, & the people behind the packages? Well, they’re even better.

Here in reverse order, is what has landed on my doorstep lately, making me smile, jig & swoon;


Just arrived; a sale order from the Lovely Nic of Yardage Design. If you missed her sale, I don’t want to rub it in, but, well… nerr nerr (..just kidding, as of one minute ago there are still some goodies left…). I bought some misprint market bags; a couple to use as market bags (I’m such a rebel) & one to craft with. Nic also included a bunting panel; though how she knew I’d been umming & ahhhing over one of those too is a mystery; Thank you Nic!


Yesterday a HUGE box arrived from somewhere unfamiliar. I had no idea what it could have been, but when I opened it You Sew Girl, Nicole Mallalieu’s book was inside. I won it via Cath’s blog & I am a little beside myself about it to be honest. I wanted this SO BAD & was going to buy it, but our washing machine kicked the bucket a week after our heater died & I just couldn’t afford it, so when I found out I won a copy, I may have (like the big girly sook I am apparently turning into) welled up a little. Wow it’s a great book by the way, I can’t stop looking through it.


Annnnnnnnnnnd, last but not least, my swap cushion! It arrived last week & it’s gorgeous but I have been waiting for a sunny day to photograph it. Here it is in situ on my bed. Clare made it for me with vintage fabric & not only that but she sent some lovely little gifts along too.


Spoilt much?!


  1. woohoo, great cushion! Love that pattern, and the styel of the cushion too. Lucky you with 'good' mail! I've had 'bad' mail this week...

  2. Great mail. That cushion...oh my. Want!

  3. Oh that is the best ever mail - although anything that's not a bill kind of makes my day at the moment!

  4. Some pretty neato mail action at your place! Glad you like the bunting panel - I thought it might make you smile! Nic x

  5. I got my Yardage Design 'misprints' today too! I really really want Nikki's book but have to wait until I get a job. And your cushion looks awesome - lucky girl!

  6. Magnificent mail indeed :-)

  7. you see, that's the universe saying, "you did a good thing for the crafty blogging community, organising that awesome cushion swap, let me repay you ms vic"

    happy mail was bestowed on all of us, and then on you many times over.


  8. That's good mail if you ask me!!

    Nice to 'meet' you!

  9. I just got a package in the mail from my mom and it made me soooo happy! Mail is the best.

    p.s. Hope i didn't offend you with my post. I've since altered it. And i'm afraid to say that i hear those things in Sydney quite often, i must hang out with bogans. My point was just that it's amazing how differently we speak. When i first came here, i seemed to miss about half of what people were saying. And when my husband goes to North America people just don't understand him. Personally, i think it's hilarious and endearing. x

  10. Hi slacko here .... I'm am so glad you liked your cushion and thanks for putting up such a nice photo of it that I will steal ? Also thanks for a great , smooth swap !


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