We have the technology.



I picked this up at the oppy more for the fabulous snapshot of bygone technology than the actual knitting patterns, but happily the patterns I might be tempted to try (…if it gets even colder & I forget I’m crap at knitting because I don’t want to go out the back to sew in the ice-box) are on the simpler side so Punk may yet be forced into some sort of mismatched thrifted yarn creation.


I personally have memories of clicking the dial on the telly; fuzz, fuzz, fuzz, cartoons with a line scrolling across the screen, fuzz, fuzz, fuzz…


Accidentally opening the back of the camera when it wasn’t wound off enough…


Not having a rewind on the cassette player so having to fast-forward on the opposite side to the one you wanted to listen to in order to listen to a song again.


Headphone’s so big & padded that I felt like I was a fighter pilot & having to hold them there if I wanted the music in my ears & not circulating around my neck.


Which of these do you remember?



  1. Oh I remember way too many of them.
    At least I am not old enough to have started forgetting them :P

  2. I wish I had written Tas's comment.

  3. that kid is very lucky... I was never allowed to touch my parents very expensive camera and it looked exactly like that one! I used to fast forward, flip over, hear a few more lyrics, try and write then down, turn over, fast forward, flip over again, get the lyrics I missed...dedication!

  4. My mum has that knitting book and I used to parade around in one of those stripey rainbow jumpers - and I actually used to look just like the girl modelling that jumper!! I think I may also have sported one like the white and orange one at some stage.

    And I remember being very excited when a friend got a VCR with a remote control (on a cable, still physcially attached to the VCR)!!

  5. Ye Gods, I remember all of them.

  6. Oh we had the cassette player that sat next to the B/W Pye television that taped children's kids programmes like Puff n Stuff.

    I think my Mum made at least one of these jumpers.

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  8. Oh all of the above! Technology was so fun back then, if a bit cumbersome. It actually required a bit of elbow grease. And what a novelty it was to sit with giant headphones on, attached to the record player.

  9. I LOVE this! Those pictures are fantastic! When I was about 10 I got a cassette player that had a microphone. I thought it was pretty much the fanciest thing EVER. We used to fill whole tapes with "radio shows". Ah, it was grand...

    Katie x

  10. i so hope you knit up some of those patterns - they're gorgeous.

  11. I still have one of those radios from the last pic somewhere in the house. How sad is that!

  12. I miss that fuzz fuzz fuzz...


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