I NEED a copy of Mollie Makes. I do. Issue 1, preferably, the one with my bloggy bud Lola in it (although I won’t say no to #2, too…).


If anyone, anywhere can send me a copy I will pay & be so grateful! It seems nigh on impossible to find here, although it is supposed to be available, the newsagents that are meant to have it, at least around here, do not.

**UPDATE: The lovely Lola Nova herself was able to procure me a copy of issue #1 AND my local newsagent may be able to get it in for me in the future, if I keep bugging them... hoorah!


  1. Dearest Vic,

    I would be happy to send you a copy if they still have it at Barnes and Noble. I'll check tomorrow!

  2. Hi Vic - I did a ring around of the newsagents on the Mollie Makes website and found a copy (unfortunately the only one!). I was informed this morning by my local grumpy newagent man he would order them in for me as they came out so if you are desperate you could try that too. Good luck ;-)

    ps. Still no cushion from the cushion swap either :-(

  3. I've had so much trouble getting a copy too! I've resorted to bidding on one on ebay, but I've just subscribed so I'll get them sent to me direct. It's not cheap though, it was over $100. Totally worth it, I say!

  4. What a delightful looking magazine...how have I not known about this? Looks like I might have to try and find a copy for myself :)

  5. If I was you I would ring all the newsagencies on their list of suppliers in Oz land and see who has one and pay for them to freight it. The kit that comes with it this month is yumo.

    OR if you have an ipad down load it. I did issue two last night (grin)

  6. http://www.molliemakes.com/find-mollie-makes/


  7. Hi Punky,
    This mag is like gold dust here in Oz and the Uk. They did a very limited run and hopefully they may reissue Mag 1. This does happen. the download is not the same. I have already ordered issue 2 from the Uk.

    ebay now has it for over aussie 35 dollars plus postage.

    regards Jude

  8. I really want this mag too! I actually wrote to the magazine to tell them they needed to be in Melbourne newsagencies- all their stockists seem to be outer suburban or rural. I MUST GET THIS MAG!


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