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My brooch swap brooch arrived yesterday & I LOVE IT. I wore it all day yesterday even though I was in shlubby around the house clothes & not going anywhere. Poor brooch probably hoped it’s debut would be more exciting.


Many thanks to Jo of Luna Landing for making it for me & to Susie for hosting a wonderful swap.


A little bit of sad news regarding my own cushion swap; two participants have contacted me to say that they have not received their covers & that is very unfortunate. I don’t doubt for a moment that their partners posted their covers but they may be lost in the mail – if anybody is interested in being a swap angel & making a replacement cover for someone who missed out, let me know. Much public praise shall be heaped upon you!


  1. Wow! I love that brooch. Lucky duck!

    Oh I do want to be a swaping angel, I really do but, I just don't think I can swing it right now. Fooey!

    I'm sure someone will be up for it as there are lots of truly lovely peeps out there.

  2. Hey Vic, I am so awesomely happy you like my brooch (there's always the doubt isn't there?)- I'm just happy it got a debut!
    Enjoy (and now the secrecy is over I can join your blog finally. All good
    Jo (Luna) X.

  3. I can be a swap angel. Might be end of the week before I get it in the post if that is okay.

  4. ahhh, what a cool, cool brooch Vic!!

    I can try and make another cushion cover if you like, may be a 2 week delay though if that's ok.

    have an awesome weekend Ms Vic ♥

  5. I can be a swap angel, but I'm at the mercy of Spoonflower - it might take three or four weeks. I bet you'll get someone else before then.

  6. What a fun brooch! I never wear brooches, but now I think I have been missing out on something :)

  7. So gorgeous Vic!
    I can't wait to get mine in the post!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know if you haven't got anyone yet for the extra cushions.xxJ

  8. Gorgeous brooch!!

  9. Yup I can do a cushion. Give me at least a week to mail...

    That brooch had the best debut - it was loved and worn all day! I wore mine all day yesterday and kept showing it off to everyone. "Look - isnt it georgeous it even has a bit of bling!"

  10. Hi Vic, I can be a swap angel and make another cushion.
    Let me know the details.

  11. Hi Vic, great brooch! Looks like you've got the two you need for more cushions, but please just drop me a line if you get stuck. No probs.

  12. Love that brooch, so glad you had fun with the swap :-)

  13. Wow! FAB brooch. You lucky, very fancy duck you. : )


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