I get a little bit scared when I’ve nothing real to worry about. When everything is going well & I am happy & the worst thing that happens to me in a day is Punk throwing a tantrum over not  being allowed to have a fourth yoghurt, I am reminded of stories in tabloid magazines that begin with the words; “We had the perfect life until…”.

Makes being perfectly happy & content a tad less enjoyable, this odd paranoia of mine.

But it’s okay. I’ve had a couple of things to worry about in the last few days… like';


Will the two adult miniature Dachshunds* that are coming to live with us like it here?


Will they like the children?


How long will it take to house train them?


Why won’t they go to sleep?


Why did I get two dogs?


Can I deal with two dogs, and two kids?


Are they running around too much after their spaying ops?


What is that lump?


No really, what is that lump?


What will the vet say?


Why don’t they like dog toys?


Can you teach a dog to like dog toys?


Where did the spatula go?


Why do they like chewing spatulas & not dog toys?


What is Mr going to say when he sees where they were sunning themselves on the spinach?


What terrible thing is going to happen now that I have two lovely sausages happily toddling about, two sweet kids, a honey of a honey & a cosy home?

(Is that the sky falling….?)

*A boy & a girl – Jordan & Dixie, 4 & 5 years old, former breeding stud boy & pretty as a picture show champion, respectively.


  1. Hi Vic,
    Sally came from the Sydney Lost Dogs home and I got her when she was a year old (i think). She has never played with dog toys or balls. I have been able to get her to do some things. She knows some commands but it is harder as they get older to retrain. Keep trying.

    Sally is part Black and Tan Dascies. Her legs and chest are definitely but the rest is Chi/Foxie. She can not jump up onto the bed or couch but can jump into the veg garden. So you will need to fence off spinach. Like cats they like a sunny spot in Winter.

    have fun Jude

  2. Those dogs are very cute. Will probably keep you too busy to worry about anything and that's kind of the key isn't it??????

  3. Oh cuuuute!
    You got 2 because they are mates.... and will hang out together..... and do naughty dog stuff together, like hide the spatula! :P
    Hehe, gotta love sausage dogs.
    Enjoy them Vic!
    There is always something to worry about you know ;)

  4. They are gorgeous... life is good. Now breathe ;) xxx

  5. Awwww, especially that one where they are curled up together in a circle. Too cute!

  6. I forgot to say last night- huge congrats on the new arrivals :)
    At least a couple of those questions have been answered lol.
    I am not happy unless I am worried about something too. But I am feeling that 2 little daschies will keep you occupied...

  7. I think we are just ruined by all the novels we read and the movies we've seen. Just being good and having everything go as planned (sort of, going as planned never really happens with babes around, now does it?) is not how it's supposed to be in novels and movies. So something has to happen. Because in novels and movies otherwise it would be, well, boring. Luckily in real life there is noone watching us, shouting "cut! Boring!!!" through a megaphone. Or is there? ;-)

    I know the feeling though. Even though I know it's silly.

    The doggies are cute! And what was the lump?

  8. vic they are so gorgeous!!! hope the lump is nothing serious!!

  9. Congratulations on the new additions! They are adorable and will bring loads of joy to your life... and they will also likely eat things you don't want them to and sleep in the places they don't belong :).

  10. You've let yourself in for it now! God luck with the meshing of all of your lives, you won't be having a quiet moment any time soon!

  11. you worry too much..don't! it leads to stress, headaches & stomach problems! (oops...was I talking to me..)

    seriously, it will be so much fun I reckon, the kids will love them and they will HAVE to love the kids!

  12. Oh Vic ... they are soooo gorgeous! Can we come over and play too? Enjoy! Nic x

  13. I am so behind on my blog reading. I missed that you got not one but two doxies! How cute are they! They look so much like my Remy isn't not funny.

    Hope they haven't hid anymore kitchen utensils on you. My dogs favoure baby toys... Don't much like dog toys except to get rid of the squeaker.


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