Fun, fun, fun!

Oh I had such a blast in Melbourne these last couple of days – but I’m glad to be home with my wee little Punk now.



My trip consisted of discovering a new favourite store, meeting some lurvly bloggers, seeing an awesome live show, stocking up on Dr Pepper & so much more.


Miss Jess is ever so much braver than she claims to be, moseying up to never-met bloggers & introducing herself, while I lurked uncomfortably in the background, Nic is satisfyingly tall (like me) and ridiculously nice (you really should have that seen to hon), Liesl was an unexpected surprise & a wealth of knowledge, Jodie is….. well. I don’t know what to say about her… ‘employee of the week’ comes to mind, or provider of chocolaty goodness… and Kate is famous. Truly (I think she might even be, officially, some sort of accessory to murder… but I’ll let her tell you about that… if she’s game…).

The actual Stitches & Craft show, for me, was a bit disappointing – so many underwhelming Nanna crafts when you first walk in puts a bit of a dampener on things, but upstairs is like another world, devoid of weird crystal embedded quilted animal pictures, and much more interesting. I was thinking last night on the way home that I might not go next year – then I realised that I would have an 7 month old and would doubtless be staying home anyway… which made me want to go again.


The definite pluses of the show where meeting all those lovely ladies & a quick stop at a nearby oppy where I picked up a three little pigs cup & a raw silk beanie, the definite minuses were the changed venue and the fact that, despite hanging around like bad smells & being three of the only five customers left in the place, Kate, Jess & I missed out on winning any ‘Craft Happy Hour’ prizes – as crappy as they may have been.


I am so very happy with all the goodies I hauled home though, a monster from Jodie, a gorgeous red tea towel from Nic, a sweet bearded bloke gifted from Jess, cups for all from Typo & a wicked red flip clock, a gazillion gifties for the wee Punk & the afore mentioned store of Dr Pepper.

As always, the story of my trip can be told with all the extra stuff I have now (which is just as well, because I kinda sorta forgot I had my camera – bad blogger – and only have it to take photos of now…)… ah stuff. How I love thee….


  1. You make me laugh!! Last night I was actually whinging to my family about how much I WISHED i was in Melbourne to go to the show, but you've made me feel better now. I love stuff too, do you think we need a support group??

  2. I love, love, love type. I discovered it when we went to brissy in feb. I brought that clock in white. so cute!

  3. That's funny, I wanted to go to the show but couldn't swing it with children in tow, so we ended up near your town for the weekend! Sound like I didn't miss much, I don't feel so bad now,

  4. sounds like a good bloggy outing!
    I am going on Saturday to see & meet rather than check out nanna craft.
    hope you have a beautiful day Vic

  5. YOu know I have to admit that the Incubator section was the only thing that really excited me last year in Sydney. I'm sure I'll go again, but I totally get what you are saying.

    And btw, you love Dr Pepper? It is my all time FAVOURITE!!!! Did you go to USA Foods to stock up? Unfortunately the CM retreat is no where near that side of Melbourne, so I can't convince zofia that we should just stop by on the way after picking me up from the airport.

    SPeaking of the CM retreat. Are you anywhere near where we are going? It would be nice if you could drop by for part of the day.

  6. yea! and OMG.. nanna crafts *shudders*

    Hope to hear many stories of the meeting of the awesome aussie bloggers

  7. Stuff is good. Stuff is excellent.
    SOunds like it was a great adventure. And I am now off to look up typo...like I need more STUFF!

  8. Hehehe... Deb - seriously, stuff lovin' IS a kind of support group!

    Danielle - Oh. Yeah. Flip clocks rule ok. ;)

    Handmaden - Glad to make you feel better...! Your comment made me realise that I did nae see any dolls like your beauties... you should be in the show, not visiting it!

    Cathie - Oh sure, until you come away laden with... with.. nannery goodness... ;)

    Nelle - How did I not know of it's exsistence before...?! I mean, WOW.

    Sara - Ah, I wish, just paid too much for a few cans at the Southern Cross lolly shop... I wish it were easier to get, it's my favourite & my best! Will have to check out where y'all are 'retreating' to again...

    Ah Tas, the chicky told me no online sales yet... so sad - I want me some flying duck decals that they hadn't got in yet but were taunting me with pictures of all the same....

  9. I remember the crystal encrusted unicorn quilts from last year.

    The thing I loved about the Show in 2009 was that there were sooo many Craft Labs and they all looked so good. There seem to be a lot less this year - maybe because of the venue change? But there's a lot more Incubator stalls so I hope it balances out! I'll see for myself on Saturday.

  10. I saw Nic (Yardage Design) today and we spoke about you. Bummer I didn't get to meet you. Next time. Yes the Stitches & Craft Show was disapointing this year. But going upstairs made up for it. I find it interesting how the older folk and the younger folk tend to keep seperate. I will write about it in my blog soon.

  11. So absolutely lovely to meet you Vic - you are a gem!

  12. How about you go to the show next year and I'll mind the bub. That way if you get 7 missed calls you'll know its only me this time. Seriously though, famous...not...but seriously ace to meet you, not hug you, maybe next time.

  13. Great to finally meet you too, Vic! I've been having a ball at the show. There is a bit of something for everybody and the talent in The Incubator is amazing.

    You know, its not that long ago that people said that sewing, crochet and knitting were nanna ... stay tuned, hot-fix crystals might be the next big thing!

  14. SO Wonderful to meet you and spend time with you - lucky me I saw you more than the other peeps.
    Thanks again for the MIB show, I've been having a little Johnny cash binge over here. xo

  15. glad you had fun!
    typo is my fave shop and i have never even been haha for months ive been stalking their website looking for a newcastle store opening, they have one on the coast at tuggerah i need to get to, i want so much of their stuff, i hear they have the icecream lamps from fred flare, so im stocking up in melbs hehe!

    lmk how much dr pepper is there too, we plan to stock up ayeshas parents car with some! as they only sell it at the usa foods shop here for ALOT!

    the stiches and craft show is a bit like that, you look forward to it, then are so underwhelmed on the day, and say you wont go again till next year comes and you think hmm why not, it may be better, but it isnt, so you say i wont go again, untill.....the next year etc lol


  16. So glad you had a good time in our fair, rainy, sunny, windy, warm, cold city :-) I'm going to have to check out Typo for sure. I never usually get there but will make the effort now. Funnily as a relatively new reader to the blog as of about two months ago, for some reason I envisioned that you actually lived in Melbourne!

  17. I found Typo just before Christmas...be still my beating heart!!! Love stationery and it was so hard to drag myself away with just the gifts I needed rather than the stuff I wanted.


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