Stuff, baby.

Oh how I love thee! So much so that I am always more than a little suspicious of those who don’t love you so much, or don’t have so much… how do they get their addictive flashes of nostalgia, or that warm fuzzy feeling that only a cute birdie egg cup can give…?!


My favourite & my best find this week came in the form of a GORGEOUS, DEVINE, ABSOLOUTELY AMAZING, vintage Virgo coat, picked up at an oppy after Gymbaroo for a ridiculous $3. Yep. $3. Even The Boy was impressed with this find. It’s a wee bit too small for my ginormous & ever growing girth, but I am keeping it out, on display almost, as my ‘after bubba goal coat’…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaay after



Even though there were heaps upon heaps of garage sales yesterday I didn’t hold out a whole lot of hope – I felt I’d had my glorious find of the week & none of the gazillions of listed garage sales sounded all that great to me on paper, so we went, The Punk and I, but grudgingly, and shivering as it was DAMN COLD yesterday morning…!

Just as I suspected, there wasn’t much of anything, although Punky managed to find herself a little sumpin sumpin at virtually every stop.


But then.

There was this;


And these;


Bringing my stuff quota up for the week & making me marvellously happy.

For more Flea market finds visit the ever lovely Miss Sophie… I know I will!


  1. Oh wow you found some great stuff! That coat looks perfectly toasty and warm for many more garage sale adventures (after baby 2 of course)!

  2. Ooooo eeeeee those tins have me all a quiver! Well done.

  3. Oh Vic. That coat is perfect.
    I love your finds, you are a magnet for them I reckon ;)

  4. Glad you had a great day! My favourite, is the tins :) Have a good week, Jenny

  5. wow a good week for garage sales... even if cold looks to have been well worth it!!!! x

  6. Man, that coat is gorgeous. But I have to ask, how many suitcases does one gal need lol? ;)

  7. That Punk sounds like she's inherited her mom's knack for finding great stuff.
    Loving the coat, what a wonderful colour xo

  8. Oh that coat is amazing and those suitcases, fabulous, I want that Bon voyage one just perfect great finds and they're all colour coordinated too!

  9. OOOOH MY GOODNESS - that coat is...is...words fail me. It's bloody fantastic. All your finds this week are wonderful. But the coat, such a shame you can't wear it now...but a great treat for when you get back your body after bub!

  10. Oh yes!
    Yes yes yes - loving what you have there!
    Especially the suitcases! They look amazing! And the stack of tins!

  11. absolutely amazing coat ... i understand why you're so excited.

    My Flea Market Find

  12. WEEEEEE! What a thrifty adventure you've had. And your loot is divine! I would be well chuffed if I were you. Hope your week is full of smiles :)

  13. OH WOW Weeeee Sensational finds, good on YOU ;))

  14. Seriously, am I going to have to come all the way down there to go shopping with you?
    Actually, that would be a blast! See you soon :)

  15. hehe...stuff quota. Love it.

    Great finds!

  16. Super coat - check out the detailing - perfect incentive for post baby weight loss - besides, you can always wear it open ... Glad you now feel satisfied with your haul - looks like fun stuff that Ms Punk found too!

  17. wowsers!!! that is my dream haul you have there Ms Vic!!!
    suitcases, cake tins...ohhhh coat. LOVE, LOVE.
    does that mean you'll start baking..;)

    have a happy week sweetie


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