I am!


Tomorrow I am getting up early, kissing Miss Punk goodbye & catching a train to Melbourne, where I intend to faff about all day, eating sushi, visiting ‘bread top’, getting pleasantly & wondrously lost in IKEA & scoping out some urban oppies, before heading off to see this grand show, with this dear girl.


I will be sleeping a restless “How is my Punk going at home without her Mummy?!” sleep in a moderately priced hotel, trudging off to find a nice big coffee & then on to Stitches & Craft for a day of crafty goodness.



Kate (will you just go & look at the pretty dress she made? This woman puts us all to shame with her productivity, I tell you..) will be there, you know, and Jess again, and Nic, just to mention a few… are you going too, perhaps? Keep an eye out then, on Kate’s blog, just in case she decides to meet you all for a spot of lunch or some such – I might have to check it from some dingy room on a computer with a sticky keyboard & pay $3 for the pleasure – I’d tell you I’d meet you there too, I would, but I’m not entirely sure where ‘there’ is.

Do say Hi, if you see me, and you want to; I can assure you, like a spider (well… so they say… I don’t quite believe it…) I will be more scared of you than you could ever be of me…


  1. Have a wonderful wonderful time!!

  2. Fantastic! Have a great time..as if you wouldn't! It sounds like a fun couple of days ahead!

  3. Yahoo - excitment indeed! Looking forward to meeting you very soon! In the mean time, I'll be the stressed one who doesn't sleep in order to have everything just dandy by Wednesday! Nic x

  4. Enjoy Vic. Sounds like a perfect day :D

  5. That sounds like a divine trip Vic. Enjoy!

  6. Sounds like a fab time, Vic. You enjoy every minute! Punky will be just fine.

  7. Have a great time! PS. I love the 'punky's real name' story. So classic and cute! xo m.

  8. welcome to melbourne - enjoy this time for yourself. ever, sweet second of it!

  9. Ok! Because I've never ever been to the Caulfield racetrack (even though I grew up in the same suburb), I can only choose to meet at the stall of the one person who I know is having a stall. Sooooooo, let's meet at Jodie's incubater stall at 1pm. be there or be square. X

  10. Oh you will have a great time! Enjoy :)

  11. Have the best time - wish I was there to wave a quick hi amongst the excitment of it all ;)


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