To Market, To Market…

I had been looking forward to a wee little market a little bit out of town all week – it sounded like just my bag, you see, unlike our local market, so yesterday I set off, funky Punky in tow, and had a lovely time…



It was exactly what I’d hoped for, a friendly little eclectic market with friendly eclectic people. Miss Punk made some instant friends & spent an age jump, jump, jumping about on the air castle. (Side note; do you know, that here, in Victoria, the locals say “Cassel”? I find this as fascinating as I do irritating…)



Aren’t these art dolls just beautiful? Punky picked out the one with the flower, but as we were leaving I rushed back to get the gorgeous pair, I would have regretted it if I hadn’t. Love. LOVE! They are now happily situated on what is fast becoming ‘the handmade goodness’ side of Punk’s mantle.


Was your weekend all woohoo & yeahaw too? I hope so!


  1. Those felt dolls are too sweet!
    I had a fab weekend also, but in a completely different way! Have just posted pics :)

  2. Hubby and I absconded without the kids for 24 hours to eat adult food, shop adult shopping, drink coffee, talk adult talk, sleep in (as adults are prone to do) Now I might have jsut swapped it all for an hour at that market...but shhhh! Don't tell hubby that ;) Oh, and before anyone reports us, we did leave the kiddies under grandparent (if not adult) supervision.

  3. Those dolls and awesome, now I'm going to have to head off to our crafty market this weekend :). I love Punks tights too, where did you get them? Are they online?

  4. Well now, isn't Punky such a funky little lass!
    And those dolls are just gorgeous - what a lovely weekend you had :-)

  5. How could you have resisted those lovely dolls?!

  6. If it helps inspire any confidence in Victoria at all, I say Cah-sull for Castle. Although I've been laughed at by UKers who tell me that THEY say Cassle. So I'm very torn and confused here...

    Punky is looking delightfully gorgeous as usual. xo

  7. We had a great weekend: fitted in some knitting and some gardening and took the kids up to school to practice their bike riding and the four year old did a fantastic job when we took his training wheels off, so much so that they don't need to go back on and he rode all the way home as well!! Glad you had a good weekend, we all need them :-)

  8. Love your cutie's style sense....And super cool finds!!!

  9. Oh Hello rocket - he looks so happy !!!

  10. I love Miss Punky's outfit for the day.x

  11. Im a vic living in sa and get paid out way too often!

    Leave us alone, we can't help it where we grew up!

    Heres a little bit of annoying for you with love from me ;P... CASTLE! GRAPH! PLANT! DANCE [all in thick VIC accent, teehee]



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