Happy (belated) Mother’s Day…

Ah Sweet Things, long time – no post!

I hope all the Mummies among you had a lovely Mother’s Day, if you are into that sort of thing.

My day started with The Punk crawling into bed with me… and stinking to high heaven. Further investigation revealed – put down your pastries for a moment if you are having morning tea – poop everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Up her back, all over her PJs and… in. Her. Hair.


Don’t ask me how – I honestly could not tell you. So off we went for an early morning shower/bath, and as I was scrubbing of a bunch of stinky stink down the drain it suddenly dawned on me that it was Mother’s Day and I LAUGHED. I laughed like someone that really had no business laughing, and smiled and loved Miss Punk and realised that this IS Mother’s Day, really. Just another day, where you… well… mother.


Breakfast in bed was never going to happen, not unless I wanted a tub of butter & a jar of Dijon mustard (artfully placed IN the butter mind you), but a leisurely brekkie of jam toast for all was just the ticket.

my punk

Later I was lucky enough to receive, from The Boy, as was my visiting Mother-In-Law, a block of chocolate (a special deal for two, I believe, at the supermarket…). I have yet to taste a piece, but The Boy and The Punk seem to think it’s quite alright.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day again, especially to my own Mummy, to whom I did nae even send a half-eaten block of chocolate… but I don’t think she really minds. She’s my Mum.



  1. Oh yes sounds like a great day, stinky stink and all. Happy belated Mother's day to you.

  2. What a great post! I think we'd be kidding ourselves to ask for a stink free day, wouldn't we. I too was up before day break changing one very messy bot, all the while he was telling me how much he loved me...so that makes it all worthwhile, really...

  3. I love the photos. Your post did make me laugh...im sure karma will get me when i have kids

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Vic.
    Ahh, the joys.
    Sweet pics of you and the Punk.

  5. Happy Mothers day to you too - and thanks for the giggle - what a great post! Nic

  6. Gorgeous post. I didn't "do" poo on Mother's Day...Hubby got 3 pooey nappies and I grinned not so subtly every time "Mae dun poo" got announced and I could reply "go tell daddy". Glad that you had a good day in spite of the glamorous start!

  7. Oh the poo! One of mine was notorious for painting her cot with poo and rubbing it on the wall. Fun!! Hope you had a happy day anyway, love the photo's of your sweetie xo

  8. In the hair! NO! I've had plenty of vomity hair but never that! Well done on your positive perspective.


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