A Reminder

…just a reminder for the people participating in the music swap


CDs have to be posted TODAY!

Hope you’ve had fun sorting out your tunes, I’ve heard some super organised types have sent theirs already to grateful recipients, none of this last minute playlist fiddling for them!

Let me know if you’ve any issues & I’ll do my best to help; let the tunes begin…


  1. *air punch* Done! Mine aren't as pretty as yours, though I did have to handwritten the track list, mixtape style, because my printer is on the fritz.
    I recommend that people update their created discs to iTunes grace note, so that way it'll recognize the tracks :D

  2. Oh crap,. Vic, I'm gonna be a day or two late...sorry!!

  3. Bummed I missed this one... what have I been up to? :)
    Got my lovely cards today, thank you Vic... the little fabric lady will find a new home with my MIL very soon.

  4. Hi Vic! I posted my three last Friday and I saw Cam last night and she hasn't received hers yet!! I am CD SWAP FREAKING OUT! Hope Australia Post gets it right soon - I will happily do them again if need be!!

    I received all 3 of mine and am now starting to feel bad about the girls expecting CD's from me…. c'mon Aussie Post… its Australia Day and these girls need their music!!

    x G

  5. eek. I posted mine last Friday and when I saw Cam last night she said she hadn't received the one sent to her! I will happily do it again if they don't receive their disks by next week!

    c'mon Aussie Post! xx G


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