Forgive me blogosphere for I have sinned.

I have been having second thoughts about us, blogosphere. I have been thinking that not only might we need some time apart, we might have to break up altogether.

It’s not you.

It’s me.

I was thinking that I didn’t love you anymore. I was thinking that it couldn’t work out between us. That your eye would wander to more creative blogs. Prettier blogs. Better blogs.


I was thinking that I would concentrate on what has been making me smile lately & let you go completely. I was REALLY thinking that.


And then… I started listening to one of the CDs I got in my swap. A CD from Cam.


And I loved it. And I love Cam – in a not at all creepy, platonic, she’s a crafty super-hero type of way – and damn it… I love you, too, blogosphere. Without you, I wouldn’t have the CD I am bopping to. I wouldn’t have the gorgeous friends I have met, in person & in spirit & I wouldn’t have had the confidence or support to take the scary leap that is Geek Amour in the first place.


I’m sorry.


Forgive me?

Instagram has also been distracting me from your charms, blogosphere. I tried to resist, truly…!

If you’re a twitter type, I changed my name there too, to @GeekAmour, and I like it, but some people are CONFUDDLED! Poor people. They’ll get used to it.

But how are YOU? Are you blogging it up or feeling blah too?


  1. Must admit I'm feeling a bit blah & uninspired in the blogging realm this week....hoping it will pass & no doubt it will with the lure of unexplored thrifting treasures. Keep on blogging pretty please??? Xx

    1. ...it would seem you can't get rid of me that easily. ;)

  2. Blah all the way with you baby.
    totally can relate to so much of what is said here.
    yay for Cd swaps tho xo

  3. I'm blaming school holidays for the blogging enthusiasm drought here...

  4. ooh, you were talking break up and I was thinking high drama and a bit of biffo and my interest with piqued (not that I am proud of that)- and then you've got and made up and forgiveness reigns and there wasn't even any punching that I could see. Hmm, when I get blah it's because I am wasting so much time on bloody stupid technology (like now, trying to upload my photos from photo to computer)- and inferior internet connection when I could be outside in the sunshine (well, not now obviously!). But then, I feel all isolated and come back here and read my bloggy friends words and be abit silly and have a smile and think- hmm, in the middle of all that time wasting is the loveliness of which you speak that warms my heart. yey on your etsy shop by the way. and my phone is still doing very weird things by the other way...

  5. I change my mind everyday.
    But it's true, the people I've met, that I couldn't and wouldn't have met otherwise are awesome.
    Love that you are Iging too. x

  6. I'm with Kate..every other day I chop and change but it's the friendships that I have formed that keep me coming back.
    IG has captured my heart too :)

  7. Funny you should post this...I'm just enjoying the slow pace of holidays. I forced myself to post something, but just can't seem to be bothered one way or another to get out the camera or string 2 sensible sentences together. Once school goes back my blog will become the distraction and escape from the real world that it is meant to be!

  8. I'm finding it hard too, but I'm really glad you'll still be here when I hit my stride again... it'll be back.

  9. I didnt post for two weeks..was so uninspired...so I hear you ....lol..but how do we leave all our friends...rofl???I think it may be the expectations that make me a litte sad.......to be posting almost daily..and to be so very interesting with the blog..(yours I love..so you cant go) but I will keep going..have made so so many friends...

  10. Haven't had Blog Blah for ages but know how you must have felt, sometimes there just isn't anything to say. Thank You for not leaving Blog Land, you really would be missed!

  11. I have had a pretty good start to the bloggy year actually. I tend to get blah around the middle of the year. I love winter so I prefer to curl up and knit then blog. Glad to hear you decided to stay though. We would have missed you!

  12. So happy you decided to stay. I'd miss you and your sweet little blog if you went. x

  13. Just when my iPad is letting me add comments, you are thinking of going. Still getting used to the new twitter name. I love your photos and stories.

  14. i to and fro with mine but mostly I like it. I think I am way less worried about how many people are reading it than I use to be, it is not important. It is confusing going from a blog name to a new shop now but people work it out.... I think. I am glad you are not letting the blog go. I ma glad you are on instgram too. xx

  15. Sooooo glad you're sticking around!
    I think the blahness comes and goes depending on what else is going on in life. These days, I couldn't imagine a life without the blogosphere!

  16. Noooo! Not when I've only just found you! Now that would be a sin!

  17. cute post Vic. And I can totally relate.
    Feeling pretty blah about my blog and wondering if its time to chuck it in.
    As soon as I start comparing myself to other people I question my motivation for doing it... anyhoo.... Im sure I'll change my mind again...lol

  18. I'm glad that you decided to stay and try to work things out :). The blogosphere would really miss you. If you need to take a break, all of your friends will still be here waiting patiently for more photos of your doxies! Hugs!

  19. I am so glad that you're staying with your lovely blog. I know what you mean about feeling to blah to write and some days I'm like that too with my craft, music or writing. At the moment, I'm in a good space with my blog and I'm glad to hear you're getting back there too. Love the title of your Etsy shop by the way.
    Peace, Tara

  20. blog blah and a seriously slowed internet connection here, glad it's not just me!

  21. OHhhhhhhhh NOooooooo please, please, don't you dare ... phew thank goodness you came to your sense's Vic ... you're such an inspiration, no BS with you, you blog from your heart, you're honesty is refreshing ... OK as you were, you've got my message 'K?
    Huge Hugs and Thanks for being YOU XO.

    I kid, I kid. Nah, stay. You can blog and Instagram. I do.

  23. Phew! Would miss your honesty and humour too much.

  24. Aw, you guys! <3

    We should almost break up more often.

  25. Great humor here! Hope you don't give up:)

  26. My blogging at the moment is pretty mundane. About 3 months ago my creativity on the writing front went "poof" in a puff of cybersmoke and I am finding it hard to write any sharp, spirited social commentary. Lucky I had smart-arse kids and weird cats to give me blog fodder...

  27. (Noting that "sharp, spirited social commentary" should be said firmly with tongue in cheek...)

  28. Feeling blah.
    Every time I decide I'm giving up blogging the inspiration hits and I'm at it again!

  29. I'm with you on the blogging stuff. Sometimes I love it other times it's just good to have a break. I had to comment though because I have an almost identical photo of my red sandals here http://growingkiwis.blogspot.co.nz/2010/11/red-and-green.html
    Sadly the soles wore through and I couldn't get them replaced. Gutted.


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