Geek Amour.


Just like that, I am an Etsy shopkeeper.

I printed my cards, cut them, folded them, took dodgey photos of them & listed them, then I went away & someone bought them all.

That person is so nice. I really like that person.


So here is my shop. It’s only got lovey/valentiney type stuff right now, because Valentines Day is the next event on the greeting card calendar, & because there are only so many hours in a day.


I called it “Geek Amour” instead of sticking with “Punky & Me” because I wanted to be able to do what I wanted with it, whatever that may be, as well as keep this place as my own, not turn it into some sort of hybrid cross promoting shop blog.

So… that’s what I’ve been up to today!


  1. cards are so old-school, but i love that you'll write a message in it and send it straight to intended recipient. cut out the middle man! That's brilliant enough to make me want to. alas i only have email addresses.

    1. I am SO old school Lara, you better believe it (I type as I drink my Tang with a bendy straw while wearing a hyper-colour tee...).

  2. That's great. Good on you. Cx

  3. Bam - you did it... and now we can all rejoice!

    So I'm hoping we might get to make custom orders?

  4. Congratulations and Well Done. Now you've taken the big step there will be no stopping you!

  5. BAM!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! so excited and PROUD of you!!! Way to go girl!! and your first sale.
    All too exciting ! off right now to take a peak, and add you to my faves ! xo

  6. How fab. Well done! Such a fab feeling when someone thinks something you have made is good enough to buy.

  7. That's fantastic. I saw your shop this morning (via twitter?), good to see that the cards are selling. I've been meaning to get a little online shop going myself. Must get onto it :)

  8. Had a look at your shop. Fantastico! Way to go! When I run out of my card stash I'll be back. I love love cards. Seriously I worked at a paper shop back in Finland and mailed myself two and half kilos of just cards, because I couldn't bare to part with them when I moved to Australia A bit obsessive perhaps? Or rather more quirky and charming? Yes I'll go with the second option.

  9. And the sad thing is that I was made to promise that instead of hoarding more cards I have to dwindle my collection down before getting new ones. Killjoys. I should just rebel anyway and get more.

  10. oh yay, that's encouraging!! Lovely etsy buyer!!

  11. Love the shop, it's awesome! Well done. I'll be back for more... ;)

  12. Did I get a prototype? If so, I shall be such the hipster about it. I was getting GeekAmour card before they got famous.


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