A Couple’finds.


Phew! It’s hot here! I’m melting!

Summer doesn’t know WHAT it’s doing. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s, hot, it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s hot… It’s making me crazy.

Is the weather being just as temperamental wherever you are?

These are just a couple of finds from an oppy jaunt yesterday; I was on a specific mission to find Fowler’s jars as I got a “canning outfit” on my local second-hand trading site, sans jars. I just love that it’s called an outfit. Is that weird?

Do you can? Do you have any tips? I’m looking forward to my first go at it… the weather just has to stay hot so the tomatoes ripen finally…

I’m not holding my breath.


  1. The summer's been just like that in Sydney too... something different every couple of hours!

  2. Pooh I had those bird cubes when I was a kid.. So they must be antique!

  3. That was ooooh, not pooh. Damn the autocorrect

  4. Hey Vic, I preserve...and have never ever called it 'canning'- but it has made me smile that you do, it's 'bottling' or 'preserving' here. I will have to think about tips- we are 4th generation fowlers people in this household- Cam's grandpa used to watch/ help his mum doing it. Cam's grandpa even did his Christmas pudding in the 'outfit'. I will have some bottles to give you (any particular size you like best?)...just not sure about getting them to you. We will talk!

  5. Oh those delightful puzzles. I'm not much help with the bottling side of things. A couple of bloggers that do a bit of preserving are Christine from Slow Living Essentials- http://slowlivingessentials.blogspot.com/search/label/preserving
    and Tanya from Suburbian Jubilee has a little step-by-step post here- http://suburbanjubilee.blogspot.com/2011/02/bottlingcanning-tomatoes-fowlers-way.html
    Good luck with it :).

  6. So jealous of you right now Vic...I want those jars! I bow down to your good finds. Maybe I could sneak in and steal them (damn, why did I just tell you my plan...must think of a new one).
    Gorgeous puzzles. Just adorable.
    Peace, Tara

  7. You are the queen of op shop finds! loving those cubes xo

  8. It's snowing here in Seattle! Want to trade? :)

    I've never tried canning but I've always wanted to. I've bought many jars in the past but they always end up filled with buttons and knitting needles!

  9. I used to bottle everything, I had my Mum's Fowlers outfit but eventually the bum fell out of it. Jars everywhere here. Have you got lids and clips? If you have trouble getting them they are available where I used to work. All I need is the size. Weather is very up and down here too, Jumpers last week and as little as possible this week!

  10. I wanted to invest in some Sans Jars a while back. I looked them up new online and nearly had a heart attack at the price for just one jar!
    Wishful thinking and hopefully i can score some like you did. Great find!!

  11. Little jars are hard to find. I tired last week.


  12. My mum still does the puddings in the vacola jars :) But just in a pot on the stove now, as I have her "outfit" lol I did beetroot one year - absolutely fantastic! We always had fruit preserved growing up - stewed or just cut up - pears, peaches, apricots, plums (oodles of plums!) Good luck with it.


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