I bet you didn’t know…

…that I am utensily challenged? Oh sure, you might have guessed, but you couldn’t have known for sure. Mr is too. It’s a terrible affliction that hampers our ability to use one utensil in particular; the can opener. The ones that you fit on the lip of the can with the key-like handle? Impossible to use. Automatic can openers that, one would assume from the word “automatic” in their very name would be a cinch to use? They induce fits of tin-throwing frustration. The only can opener we can use is one of the old-school variety, the stabby, pointy ones with the corkscrew on the bottom; when was the last time your average Joe even SAW one of these?

can openers

I’d wager “not recently”, because they are pain in the behind to find, which is why, a few years ago when our very last can opener was bent or broken or misplaced, we embarked on a fruitless search for another. So long was our search that we thought we’d never open a tin can again (I may be over-exaggerating ever so slightly…); until we DID stumble upon a shop that sold this humble version of can opener & we bought every one they had.


I bet you also didn’t know that they are perfect for scraping initials painted in nail polish off opped vintage Japanese mugs right? Well they are. Sorry ‘K’, they’re mine now.


  1. Your all set now, no more searching for a while. I've never seen these before, very cool and a bit scary too:) x

  2. Oh I do remember using of those openers, I think we still have one buried deep in the drawer somewhere..give me the other type any day :)

  3. The last time - in my grandparents house!

  4. I watched my friend almost cut her entire hand in half with one of these puppies when we were kids. We had just requested a Pseudo Echo song on the radio and it came on as she was opening a can of Harvest- you know that meat stew in a can - it was for her dog- we were about 10. Those things still scare me.

  5. They never wear out and always work, nothing wrong with that! I still have one in the drawer and a very old one probably almost antique that doesn't get used. We upgraded to then next one up with the butterfly turning thingy. All the modern ones just don't work or wear out really quickly. My Mum still has cups in her cupboard like those!!!

  6. OMG! I suffer from the same affliction. Last night it took me seven minutes to open a can of beetroot! I am so relieved to discover that I am not the only unco one out there Vic.

  7. You're a wealth of information.

  8. I thought those were only on cartoons! Did you try nail polish remover?

  9. bahaha! sorry k!

    i'm got the knack of those key-like ones but i can't stand the new fandangled 'safe' ones from switzerland that don't create sharp edges. my wrist gets sore gong round and round and round... 10 times round and it's still not open!!! like opening a can with.... i don't know, a toothpick or something.

  10. We still use one of those when we have to, most tins have ring pulls these days, thank goodness. Can't use the other sort either.
    Have a great day


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