New Year: New Music; A Swap.


Quick, easy, fun, that’s what this is about kids.

Compile a mixed CD; send out 3 copies to 3 different people & receive 3 different mixes from 3 different people, giving you some new music for the New Year! Music for a roadtrip, music to craft to, music to chill to, your favourites of all time… whatever you want to do, it’s up to you.

You in?

Leave a comment below if you’d like to participate AND SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH YOUR POSTAGE & BLOG DETAILS.

That is:

:: Name

:: Blog

:: Postal Address

If you comment here but don’t send me an email before the end of the sign-ups, I will not be chasing you, so that is really important if you want to participate.

Also let me know if you’d be willing to post your CDs overseas; people with active blogs only please – it’s just a smidge “safer” that way. Please don’t say you want to play if you think there is any chance at all you can’t or won’t follow through – that would not be good karma to kick off the year, would it?

Sign ups will close on the 8th, CDs to be sent out by the 20th. Quick. Easy. FUN.

Luckily I have a towering spindle of blank CDs ready to go; they seem to be just one of those things you never run out of… Do I sound a bit mean in this post? I apologise – having run a few swaps now I know it’s best to be crystal clear about the “rules” from the outset, otherwise I spend hours chasing people & trying to contact them & you know what? It’s no fun for me, so I’m trying to reduce all that stuff to an absolute minimum, I would love for you to join in, honest!


  1. Oh my, am I the first to sign up? Right then, I'm in! I can't guarantee that anyone will like my taste in music. I like to mix oldies and new stuff and some left of center stuff, just sos you've been warned.
    Willing to post anywheres. I think you have my postal details, let me know if you need 'em again.

  2. Ooh, you should try to talk Jess into this, she has good music vibes!

  3. Love this idea. You can count me in!
    Lola Nova, my music sounds like yours too...a bit of old, a bit of new and some in between. Sounds like good fun!
    Tara Lee from the Peace Tree

  4. N LIKE FLYNN!!! And can you fudge it so I get Lola's mix....;)
    Tho Like her i'm worried peeps wont like me taste in music, it's not very Triple J if you know what i mean.
    Lots of weird ones, quite a bit of alt country ( i admit I'm going all hick in my old age).
    But nevertheless I'm excited too.
    but have a few questions is it
    favourite song ever?
    or favourite songs of 2012?
    and can you do both ?

  5. um me again ( see you regret already gettting me in)
    can i do six CDS instead? ONe of each of the two in my other comment ?

  6. Yippee! I'm in... not sure if anyone likes my taste in music but I'm happy to push it onto them anyway!

  7. Ohh yes please I'm in.
    the mind is whirring away already.
    Happy to post any where if needs be.

  8. I couldn't get the link to your email to work! Sob! Off to try and find a way round it. nervous laugh.

  9. I would like to join in! But is there min/max of songs?
    I'm going to do my favourite songs to sing to while cooking!

  10. I can't email from my phone with your link! Can you reply to me and I'll reply back!
    I'll send anywhere, too!

  11. Hey Vic, just sent through my details - what a great idea … I need some broadening in the music department! x

  12. Count me in, please. :) My musical taste is also pretty eclectic, but I am excited to see what other people are listening to. I think I'll do something like my 20 favorite songs at the moment (dunno how many fit on a cd?).

  13. I'm in! I need some new tunes. Thanks for organising!

  14. I'm in! Always on the lookout for new music. Just needed to make sure I actually know how to make a playlist on my computer,the tech wiz I am. So ahem after a few tries I have figured it out. Woo!

  15. Ohhh hopefully I have just scrapped in!! Sounds fun but I hope I dont get any hate mail re bad music taste hehe!!


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