Our free not-so-crappy portrait.

When I saw Katie & Reuben’s Free Crappy Portrait a while back, I KNEW we needed one too, but me being me, I thought “I’ll email them later”, then promptly forgot all about it. Finally I did email them though, & I’m so glad. Look!


Not at all crappy, in my opinion, and terribly flattering for Mr & I. He doesn’t look like a hobo & I look like a trophy wife who can knit! Nice. My favourite part is Suspence with a mouth full of dirt & the sausages in hotdog buns…

This is what I sent them;

“I have sent through a few pictures as it seems impossible for everyone to get into a photo together at any given time. We are a little family of four with a cat & two dachshunds that we refer to as "The Sausages". We live in a teeny tiny house with nothing but vegetables growing in the yard. I like to make things, draw & blog. My 3yo daughter likes to pretend to read, the man of the house, surprisingly, likes to grow nothing but vegetables in our yard & the baby has just learnt to stand up, so, after eating, that's pretty much his favourite thing. I am currently obsessed with the colour mustard & crochet blankets. My 30th birthday is imminent.”

Picnik collage

I totally forgot a picture of Morgan which is why he’s white – we shall pretend he’s been rolling in flour.

Don’t pretend like you don’t need a Free Crappy Portrait too. You SO do.

We’re going to have this one printed & framed, it’s that not-so-crappy.


  1. I think it's fabtastic! What a lovely thing to have done for you.

    (I love the hot sausages too)

    PS happy birthday!!

  2. Yay! It is so NOT crappy! It is all kinds of cute. We are going to get ours framed too but I keep forgetting... Now that you've reminded me I will have to get on it! :)

    Katie x


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