A Day Out.


Mr is working on my Birthday so I guilted him into taking us all out to lunch when he finished his short day today.


I must have found my licence to blog in a cereal packet because I was too interested in EATING my lunch rather than taking a photo of it, I know.


I disgust me too.


I really don’t want my birthday to come, & not because I’m moving into a whole new age bracket, but because I’ve been milking it for months & I’m going to be a bit lost without the whiny excuse “…but it’s my BIRTHDAY…!”.


I guess Christmas isn’t that far away.



  1. Oh bless their cotton socks, those kids are gorgeous! I love the little chap on the swing pic best.

    Is it too early to say happy birthday?

    Sarah xxx

  2. Haaaaa! When I took a photo of my lunch on Monday, I was trying to explain to my mum that if you ever see someone take a photo of their meal before they eat it, then it's the first sign that they're a blogger.
    I don't think she got the gist of it at all!

  3. hehe, I like your style VIc.
    Hey when is the blessed day? I'm a september baby too.
    though I'm not looking forward to it, and more for the reasons of my age and um still being single and stuff.
    soz over share xo

  4. a couple of days away now!!
    such a poor blogger, no food pics, no shoe pics, no links!! what is wrong with this picture!

    awesome pics chickie, milk it as much as you can ♥

  5. Happy birthday lunch day!!
    That swing photo is divine-a-rama!!

  6. I couldn't agree more about the food thing - what is with that? I believe I may have said somewhere in the blogsphere that if I wanted to spend my time looking at other people's half drunk cappuccino foam I'd be waitressing in Costa Coffee.

    Happy Birthday ;-)

  7. ha ha you sound just like me! I can't wait for my birthday. I like to draw it out for a few weeks if possible. Not sure how that will go this year with the wedding so close but I will still give it a shot.

  8. Such gorgeous pictures, enjoy your birthday!!

  9. Sdly my birthday is less than a month after Christmas so I lose a bit of my capacity to plead birthday privledges for any extended time...esp as Al's birthday is smack bang between Christmas and mine. Bah.

    Sorry to miss the lunch photo but you sure have cute kids!

  10. Happy Birthday! Glad you got your day out, and when it comes to photographing food, I am far too much of a gut and want to gobble mine down while it's still hot!

  11. happy birthday Vic! it looks like a gorgeous early birthday day!
    (PS: I'm also a september baby - feel in good company with you and Jess!)

  12. Happy Birthday for when it arrives! Mine is only days away too but nowadays I am grateful if I get a card!!

  13. Belated happy birthday wishes and hugs to you.


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