Fortunately, Unfortunately.

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Punk borrowed a book from the Library a while back, it was called “Fortunately, unfortunately”, it was an amusing read, but when it happens in real life… it isn’t so funny.

So, today is my birthday;

Unfortunately, I woke up not feeling too hot.

Fortunately, I was well enough to go out still.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fold the pram down to put it in the boot.

Fortunately I finally realised that Mr had messed with it, so I fixed that, & it folded.

Unfortunately, when everyone was finally in the car with all the supplies required for a day out with two kids, the car died at the bottom of the driveway.

Fortunately, it started again & I managed to creep to the servo.

Unfortunately, the website I’d referred to for how to get to the market gave me the wrong address.

Fortunately, I found the market anyway.

Unfortunately, the cupcake lady wasn’t at the market (the whole reason we were even there…).

Fortunately, there were other things to eat, including a large, hot, very necessary coffee.

Unfortunately, the coffee tasted like melted rubber.

Fortunately, there was a great park to run around in.

Unfortunately, it was FREEZING.

Fortunately, I’d looked up some vintage stores to check out.

Unfortunately, the GPS failed me again & it took ages to find the shops.

Fortunately, they were still open when we finally made it.

Unfortunately, there was nothing I wanted to buy.

Fortunately, I found a sushi place for Punk to have lunch.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything I wanted to eat.

Fortunately, we decided to go paint something at the Plaster Funhouse.

Unfortunately, Punk broke something as soon as we got in, even though I asked her not to touch anything.

Fortunately, she had fun painting & we have a lovely technicolour pony money box.

Unfortunately, I had to change Suspence’s STINKY nappy in the car park (in the pram). I always feel like such a bogan skank if I get caught out like that.

Fortunately, we headed off to the Mill Markets for a bit more retail therapy – I needed to buy SOMETHING…

Unfortunately, Can you believe it? Can you guess? I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted.

Fortunately, Punk was being beastly so I didn’t mind having to leave.

Unfortunately, the dear GPS sent me home on an entirely different – longer- route than it had used to get us there in the first place.

Fortunately, the kiddos fell asleep in the car.

Unfortunately, it started raining like a mo’fo.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to pull over & there were not “incidents”.

Unfortunately, Suspence woke up 40 minutes from home & cried for about 20 minutes.

Fortunately, he fell asleep again & was quiet the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily again when we got home, so we were stuck in the car for a bit.

Fortunately, Mr was home to help me get everyone & everything inside again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my camera out all day, not even for the fortunate bits.

Fortunately, I’m heading to Sydney ALONE in THREE MORE SLEEPS, & that is going to rock, so help me.


  1. Happiest of happy birthdays Vic!!!!
    What a brilliant post.
    I hope this entire year is waaaaaaaaaaay leaning heavily on the fortunate side of the see saw.
    Hope you have the best time ever in Sydney. x

  2. Dear Vic, I hope the rest of the day is mostly 'fortunate'...and i hope your trip goes off like a you who in a you know what !

  3. Happy happy birthday Vic!!
    (you young'un!)

    (i'm worried now - just bought a GPS today...!)XXX

  4. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday, even if you are doing your best bogan shank imitation :P

    Love from one of the oldies x

  5. Happy Birthday Vic. Very clever post. Hope the fortunates come up far more often than the unfortunates from now on. x

  6. Happy Birthday hon. Your year can only improve from today onwards :-)
    Best Wishes!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY special VIC!! hope all the unfortunate things are out of the way, and you're heading many many fortunate things!!
    I know I am fortunate to know you.
    have an awesome time in Sydney xo

  8. Well fortunately I've made it over to visit you for your birthday with a whole 1 hour and 3 minutes left - phew!
    Oh, and fortunately I had the very nice pleasure of bumping into you in real life this week!

  9. Fortunately you have lots of blog friends who wish you a very happy birthday!
    Unfortunately we can't send you hugs through the computer.
    Fortunately, you can't hear me sing 'happy birthday' either.
    Hope you have a great time on your trip!

  10. I love how you are able to find the positive in even this: "Fortunately, Punk was being beastly so I didn’t mind having to leave." Happy birthday for yesterday.

  11. LOVE this post. What a fab way to observe your day. Happy Birthday!

    Sarah xxx

  12. Nothing like the disappointment of heading out with your birthday dosh and finding nothing to spend it on. I hope Sydney totally rocks to make up for it. Happy birthday!


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