Cross bunting off the list.

Yes, I can cross it off the “things I have to make for a swap” list, that’s true, but I can also cross it off the “things I can make to get rich selling my wares” list.


In fact, I would suggest crossing anything to do with sewing off that list too while we’re at it… mass production is just not in me.

I get SO. BORED.

And annoyed.

And distracted.

Some people (most, I wonder?) enjoy the act of sewing. They enjoy the whir of the machine & feeding the fabric under the foot, I however, do not. I sew, usually quickly & haphazardly, to get to the finished product. I sew just so I can have or give the thing I’ve made, not because I particularly enjoy stitching seams.

Am I the only one?


I said I’d make 10 bunting pieces for this swap, but after 5 I emailed Rach late last night & begged her to revise that number down to, surprise, 5. I actually made 6 pieces, but the first was an experiment that turned out badly, which probably contributed to my general bunting dismay.


After the failure I went with the idiot-proof “put a sausage on it” philosophy. Basically like “put a bird on it” but with Dachshunds. Dachshunds make everything better. I used a post-it page from the pad that my mate Jodie sent me as the basic template & cut them out of felt… also tedious.


I DO like the end result though, & wish I could make more for myself… but, really, I just can’t. If you’re in the bunting swap & you end up with a piece of my bunting you can rest assured that they are extremely limited editions. Only 5 ever made in the world.


So, if I ever am to get rich & famous from craft (stop laughing!), it’s going to be with one off pieces. Pieces of what I don’t know, but I’m sure it will come to me. One needs to get in “the zone” to enjoy what they’re doing & create something great, & that so far only happens to me when I’m doing up a piece of furniture or drawing a picture, I envy those of you you that can sew in the zone. You must rock craft markets with your productivity & get a hell of a lot done.


  1. I get you on the one-off thing. Just can't do production line stuff with any enjoyment.

    That is fabulous bunting, btw. Are you going to write "limited edition- 1/5" on the back?

  2. i love the limited edition thinking!
    hey, does this mean you are going to put a dog on everything from now on.. :P

  3. i think i like the look of your bad experiment... repetitive sewing can be boring, but it makes you good at what you do. Once you have mastered certain aspects then it is almost meditative work as i can sew without too much thought. The thrill of making something new is always the best though. very cute stuff.

  4. I always consider one-off sewing, especially if it's from someone else's pattern *with instructions*, as a lovely treat. Mass production is simply in my nature. Sometimes I'm envious of people who can put heaps of time and detail into one singular object and then never make another like it, but for me it's all about improvement and variations and a distant dream of becoming renowned and wealthy.

  5. I love your doggy bunting.
    and to be honest, while there are many things I love about making, sewing on the machine is not one of them. ( so not the only one) as I'm of wonky nature and sewing straight is some what of a challenge me.
    to be honest where ever I can I hand sew ssshhhh! xo

  6. I think they are fabulous! Hope I get one of your limited sausages! I'd definately do what your first commentor suggested and label them limited editions... imagine their monetary value in the years to come!

  7. very cute vic! i enjoy sewing (along with many other crafts, of course!) but seem to do them all in a haphazard, rush to get it done, not-gonna-follow-any-patterns kind of way . . . does that make me a bad crafter, or is my style a little rough around the edges?!?! haha!! :)

  8. Your sewing looks pretty good to me...you've done well.
    The sausage dogs are so very sweet too, great additions to the bunting panels. x

  9. Hilarious post... I get bored too and like making custom things because then there is variety, but then that stresses me out, I see the advantage now in mass-producing and stockpiling. Your bunting is super cute. :)

  10. You never fail to put a smile on the dial!

    Mass production really sucks which is why I'm so bad at it!

  11. oh yeh mass production is the pits all right!!

  12. Earlier this year I made bunting for the first time and I loved it. I probably shouldn't admit to that after reading this post, though.
    Loved the dogs, have you got a copyright on Dachshunds or is it ok to steal your idea?

  13. I'm a one off girl too and the project must be fast moving too. I love your idea of putting the dog over two pieces of bunting. I made a line of bunting for a girlfriend's daughter and I have to say it wasn't and enjoyable experience either. Cherrie

  14. Wiener bunting?! I couldn't love it more. Even if there are just 5 bunts :).

    I suck at making things more than once too. I have at least 5 knitted socks in my WIP basket that don't (and won't) have matches.

  15. I'm ok with the more-than-once thing... it takes me a while to get things right and then I want to milk it until it's fabulous. I take a similar approach with food - I think there were 6 months in my 20's where I only cooked shishkebabs for dinner (never know how to spell that). But your doggy bunting is terrific - even if there are only ever to be 2.5 of them out there.

  16. I'm totally with you - mass production of anything is a head ache. I make something then want to move on to the next challenge - maybe it's an attention deficit thing :)

  17. well you're doing well...I haven't even started making mine yet!...and I said I'd make 20..eeeep

  18. haha I know what you mean! I like the idea, then the finished project, with less inbetween! and I adore your variation of put-a-bird-on-it!

  19. so glad you found a use for them! love the little pups on the bunting, very cute xx

  20. Cute bunting - love the appliquéd dog! I don't like making multiples of things either. Limited edition projects rule!

  21. that bunting is faaaaaaabulous! i too am scared of the sewing machine...i choose hand stitching everytime. that doggy makes that bunting uber fabulous. did i say i thought it was fabulous?


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