Outside my comfort zone.

I’ve talked before about not being much of a dress wearer, but things seem to be changing.


I’ve been searching for more dresses. Trying different styles, different colours…

…we’re off op-shopping today, before Cam’s sister comes & raids my local haunts, & I’m wearing… pink.



I got this cardi because it was EXACTLY the same colour as a pair of boots I ended up getting for my birthday instead of a bicycle (long story). Mind you, the boots need breaking in so I’m not wearing them for a long walk down the street.


I’ve never, ever been a “pink girl”, so this feels a bit weird but at the same time super girlie, I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be filling my wardrobe with pink things anytime soon, but it is nice for a change.

Do you ever vary from you self-prescribed fashion uniform & try new things?


  1. Excuse me commenting on my own post, but... HOW MASSIVE DOES MY EAR LOOK? What's with that... do I have massive ears?! I had no idea!


    Carry on.

  2. Gorgeous! So pretty! I have that exact same cardi! xx

  3. You look great in pink! I am a Nana Cardy wearer!
    Yes I like to try new things, but mt choises are limited by a. (sadly) my size at the given time, b, whether I'm breast-feeding or not aND C. WHAT i FIND IN THE OP SHOPS!

  4. How gorgeous are you?!!!!!
    Brilliant photos Vic - i'm not a pink person either! But i love wearing cardies all the time - usually grey or aqua or stripped...and live in jeans. I want to break out like you are, with trying new things. Loving shift dresses over jeans look - just need to find the dresses!XX

  5. I love this look! The rose color is really gorgeous on you.

    Your ears don't look big at all!!

  6. You look lovely (with perfectly normal sized ears). Happy opping.

  7. What big ear? You are iased, lovey. The ear looks fine.

    You look mighty purty in pink I must say. I am the same. No t apink girlie but I do have a bit in my wardrobe. 2 years ago I didn't wear brown and now I have a lot of brown in my wardrobe and am finding myself looking at colours and styles that I never would have thought would have interested me. Keeps life interesting. Mid-life crisis for me. What's your excuse, you young thing?

  8. Love the pink! I'm looking for some inspiration as I need lots of new clothes :)

  9. I am same- recently added 4 things with pink (tiny steps) black campers with hot pink straps, beige campers with musk heels and straps, a hot pink Safari necklace and a soft pink undertop for grey striped tunic. My other half keeps checking my temperature.
    I am thinking of shaking it up in other ways. Thing is I am not skinny and for larger women they like to sell us black or ridiculously bright solid blocks of colour. Hard to get a range. So to the sewing machine to find some new options.

  10. Great pics Vic and nice combo too. It's good to switch it up - I do it sometimes, but not often enough. Happy opping!

  11. Good on you Vic, you look glorious! I love the frock- I reckon you are converted to dresses and come Summer will wonder what you wore before.

    I wore a dusty pick dress to my mates wedding cos its her fave colour.

  12. didn't even notice your ears!

  13. The dress is gorgeous and I LOVE the cardigan. I normally have a fashion uniform of dress/skirt and top, normally with a cardigan and usually in this part of the world, thick black tights. I never normally wear jeans but I have just bought 2 pairs (mens 'cos womens never fit me due to hips/waist ratio) and I have been wearing them - even out of the house! There's obviously something in the air!

  14. oh my! what a divine sight, vic! :) i have to say that i am finding pink more attractive these days too - it really does look lovely on you.

  15. Gorgeous pics! The colours look great on you. And I didn't even notice your ears till you pointed them out and even then they look perfectly normal to me.

  16. My god you're a stunning girl. Re rowl.
    and you look gorgeous all frocked up. love your outfit, and i agree, sometimes pink is nice for a change. I have a couple of pink things in my wardrobe would you believe that do see the light of day.
    PS I've been frocking up a bit too lately, like you out of comfort zone. perhaps we should make a pact with each other ...

  17. Love love love love.... and what ear???

    Do you feel all girlie in a dress? That's the bit I love!

  18. Well you definitely know how to rock a frock! You look amazing and that cardi really suits you.

  19. you look so cute in pink and in a dress, even without a head!

  20. Gorgeous outfit! Seems like the frock maybe your 'thing' after all. I'm not a pink person either but do have a little bit in the wardrobe, the colour really suits you.

  21. i sense some b-fab wearing off on you...
    but really, pink does suit you :D

  22. I didn't notice any big ears, you look lovely, what a great combination, including the pretty make up, glee, love Posie


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