Instant gratification.

I think you know that my favourite kind of craft is something quick & dirty, preferably refashioning or recycling, so you can imagine my delight when I saw this fringed t-shirt scarf in issue 3 of Mollie Makes.


I went through my wardrobe a couple of days ago & although I now have bugger-all to wear, I have a lot of things to donate & a few things destined for the rag-bag… or now, the fringed scarf.


The best ideas really are the simplest. Go. Make.


**UPDATE; I just made this one by cutting horizontally instead of vertically & leaving about 3cm at the side of the shirt to hold it together – I like this one MUCH better since the purple didn’t curl like it was supposed to & will need to have smaller strips cut.


  1. Pretty cool! And now I'm wanting a subscription even more...

  2. So am I! Can't afford to get one unfortunately & my newsagent has FAILED in getting it in for me so I am having to order it month to month.

    My shirt didn't curl in like it was supposed to so I am going to have to cut the strips thinner - THAT is going to take a while though, so... may never happen. ;)

  3. Excellent Vic - I love quick and easy projects too - the fact that it involves chopping fabric up is a double bonus!

  4. What a great way to re-purpose an old shirt into something new and fun!

    I haven't found Mollie Makes in the states yet :(.

  5. So cute Vic! I can see tee shirts disappearing in the middle of the night with barely a whimper...

  6. They look great, Vic. My favourite of the two is the grey one :) Happy crafting, Jenny


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