Vegan, begin again.

Two days ago I woke up & decided to be vegan. Does that sound rash, or absurd? It probably does, but it really isn’t, not to me.


I don’t doubt that the seed was planted after reading about Cath giving up sugar. I thought “Could I do that?” & decided that I probably couldn’t – or more accurately, I didn’t particularly want to. I probably do consume too much hidden sugar – I would suggest most of us do, but I don’t find it to be an issue for me. What I do find to be an issue is eating things that I wouldn’t eat if I had to go & get it myself. Like a cow. There is no way, no how, I would be able to go out in a field, kill a cow, do whatever needs to be done to it & butcher it. No way. I wouldn’t even be able to deal with watching it being done. Yet, for a while, I would happily dig in to a steak while blissfully “not thinking about it”.


That’s my simple reason for going vegan. It’s not a hugely ethical or moral decision like some people – I’m not doing it to save the world (although that’s a bonus); selfishly, I’m doing it to feel better about my own choices. I’ve always wished I was one of those vegans that can’t stand the sight, smell or taste of meat – wouldn’t that make things easier…! But alas, I am partial to a BBQ or a baked dinner (so don’t expect me to be one of those vegans that preaches at you, I’m just too lazy to be self righteous… & did I mention my Love is a butcher…?! His cutting up carcasses pays for my tofu. True.), so for me, it takes a little bit of extra willpower sometimes.


I think I’ve said before that I was vegan for 3 years before I was pregnant with The Punk, & veggo before that. With pregnancy came massive cravings for dairy – so bad that I gorged on cheese & milk before I even knew I was pregnant & felt incredibly guilty about it. When I did find out it was actually a relief & I gave myself permission to eat whatever I really wanted, thinking rightly or wrongly that if my body wanted it so much I must need it. I felt okay with that decision, telling myself that I’d “get back on the wagon” after she was born… but no.


Finally though I’m feeling it. I remember how I felt when I was vegan – it’s all starting to come back to me. Honestly I never felt better, mentally or physically. I wasn’t thin – there is some law against me being thing – but I felt GOOD. I was very rarely sick & would bounce around work while some other people were battling their third or fourth cold of the season. I had fun baking vegan things & forcing them upon people, waiting until they nodded approvingly with their mouths full before declaring “IT’S VEGAN!”, & finding new & weird vegan substitutes in Asian grocery stores.


Shopping yesterday brought it home that “We’re not in Sydney anymore, Toto”. I couldn’t find any of the things I used to use to veganise things, like faux sour cream or the mayo that still tastes like mayo & not just blended tofu. Seitan? Isn’t that like… the devil?


So, I’ll either have to travel further afield to find some ready-made staples or find some kick ass recipes to make them (it’s not like I don’t have enough cook books…), but I will, because the switch is flipped again. I’m vegan.

(all DELICIOUS LOOKING images except the last from hoveringdog on flickr)


  1. Yummy - I do love eggs and cheese, but could do without meat.... Really enjoying your blog! Your pic looks familiar - are you on the Peninsula?

    xo Rach

  2. That's awesome. I have also given up gluten as well as sugar and for me cutting out gluten always makes me feel better, I am intolerant but at times insisit on eating it then regretting it. As sugar and gluten often go together ( cake biscuits etc) it was not hard to give up both. I don't think sugar was effecting me mentally or health wise as much as i thought initially but I did get cravings for it and I don't want to feel like I get crtavings for anything that is not great. Good on you for being vegan.

  3. You go VIc! You know that whole thing about the cow or any animals really, is exactly the reason I'm veg.
    thought not vegan.
    but i'm very impressed xo

  4. WOWZA's .... to go cold turkey (so to speak!) and become Vegan again overnight - you are a stronger willed woman that me. This post however has made me think .... I think I would find it easier to cook a lot more vegetarian/vegan meals if I had a half decent cookbook to inspire me - maybe thats where I need to start.
    Which cookbook do you recommend???

  5. good luck! i am a vegan and have been for years and i think it just takes a few months of not eating things to not miss them. I'm not thin either... it doesn't seem fair! ha! don't give yourself a hard time if you slip up either. i often write about what i've been eating and some recipes on my blog, last night i made tofu fritatta - it is really good.x

  6. I am a meat gal myself (bring the daughter of 2 butchers will do that to you) and it appears to be genetic in our offspring :P

    To each their own and for whatever reasons (as long as they don't preach about it) Hope that you can find a way to go with your obvious instinct to be a vegan without it being too difficult to find supplies.

  7. Good for you!

    I've been struggling with meals round here for the past 3mths ever since the 10yr old decided she was a Buddhist.

    She's not but we have stopped eating meat.

    Any yummy kid friendly lunch-box type vego food ideas would be gratefully appreciated!

    Thanks Vic.

  8. I gave up meat a couple of years ago. It is something that just happened and hard to explain to folks. My husband says it is hormonal. I started actually thinking about where food comes from and what happens to animals and found the whole process rather disturbing. I don't think I could go vegan as finding ingredients and alternatives in this country is quite difficult. When you think about all the people in this world who don't have food, it seems rather selfish to be a glutton. I prefer to put healthy food in my body and can't wait for the heat to subside so I can get out and start walking again. Have a wonderful day! Tammy

  9. Oh boy, now I'm hungry! Sounds like you are on the right track for you, whatever works I guess. I'm just loving your photo's lately, I felt like I could pluck that juicy noodle right out of my screen. And as for those cupcakes...x

  10. I was vegan in highschool, then lefthome and went a bit ape, but I liked it and you've got me wondering again.. although I do love cheese. can you be a lacto-vegan? Can I make that up?


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