Oops. I did it again.

And by “it”, I don’t mean started singing along to a Britney Spears song. By “it” I mean cut my own hair.

I. Will. NEVER. Learn.


It was *almost* okay this time. A snip & a chop & the split-ends were gone, hair was lighter, all was well with the world.


But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Snip, snip, chop, chop, HACK, HACK.


I officially can’t stop cutting my own hair until it’s too late. Until I look in the mirror & swear. My heart beats faster I start to sweat. THAT’S when I put the frikking scissors down.


  1. you are going to think I am joking..but i like it!! a fringe suits you and your hair is so dead straight..arghhhh!! (wish I had dead straight hair!)
    enough, it looks great..now stay away from the frikken scissors!!!!

  2. U r such a gorgeous girl Ms Vic! And I think it looks great, but I agree w Cathie, PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN NOW!!

  3. lol The fringe looks ok. Good thing about hair is it will grow back again if you hate the way it's cut!!

  4. god you're a babe. Honestly, I'm with Kate, you're utterly gorgeous.
    And I know all too well the danger of the scissor addiction, though for me it's more to do with bears, than bear xo

  5. What are you on about?!
    I think it looks fine! (coming from a fellow own hair cutter)X

  6. Yep - it looks great, as do you you - really gorgeous pics, Ms Vic!

  7. You are hilarious! (And live in really good lighting!) I think it looks great, but if you're not sure, just move your head a lot and no-one will know what it actually looks like. Eventually you'll get sick of moving your head but by then everyone will be used to it!

  8. You are so beautiful!
    I'm intending to do a couple of bleachy stripes to my hair tonight, so as to get festive for the music fest we are off to this weekend. I doubt it will turn out as well as yours!

  9. I too have said i never would but I always trim my fringe. Who has time to go to the hairdressers for a five minute trim?? You look fabulous!!

  10. Maybe you need to put a bowl on your head for guidance....or just grab the clippers and be done with it lol!

  11. You look great! I'm so guilty of this too. Might have something to do with the lack of time to get to the hairdressers these days. Nothing wrong with a little DIY.

  12. ha ha ha, well you seem to make it work, or it's just your photo skills :)

  13. You crack me up woman!
    Do you know that my cousins wife is a hairdresser and works in a salon just off the main street in your town?


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