Oh Joan.

Style: "Mad Men"<br />Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks)

If you’ve been anywhere near my Twitter feed in the last few weeks you’ll know that I am absolutely INFATUATED with Joan Holloway of Mad Men. Not the actress who plays her mind, although I’m sure Christina Hendricks is as lovely as she is beautiful, but, like I prefer Captain Jack Sparrow to Johnny Depp (…not that I’d say no!), I would rather chat to Joan by the photocopier than spy Christina hurrying out of Starbucks.


There is a lot to love about Joan; her impeccable style & charisma, her way with an piano accordion, her formidable undergarments… I think we all – especially those of us with “curves” (I am optimistically embracing “curves” in lieu of “lumps” or “bumps” – I can but wish I had “curves” like Joan…) – could benefit from a little Joan Holloway in our everyday lives.


60’s inspired gold-tone pen necklace from 1928.


The Joanie Dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing.


Vintage Sunburst brooch from Etsy.


Seamed stay-ups from Agent Provocateur.

I wonder what I’d look like with red hair…..?


  1. Joan is a great big pneumatic bucket of gorgeous.

    But you already knew that :D

    Then again, Christina Hendricks as Saffron on Firefly =also hawt.

  2. I adore Joan too, not only does she look incredible but I love how she deals with everyone. Your picks are great, I wrote about Mad Men the other day too, am suffering from withdrawal at the moment http://ontopofalilypad.blogspot.com/2011/08/mad-men-sigh.html

  3. *swoon* I love her too. She is my lady love on Mad Men.

  4. She is hot. I love her. Nothing more to say. Yes.

  5. I love her character's style and I don't even watch the show.
    I'd take her wardrobe any day...

  6. Joan is the bomb - I love her 'tude - go redheads!

  7. LOVE Joan, yes, curves (not lumps & bumps, which is why i can't rock her frocks). She is perfection & you know, in other movies where she's not playing a 1960's siren, she doesn't look half as curvey, just a bit normal. Love Posie

  8. You'd look awesome with red hair! Go on, try a rinse.

  9. She's gorgeous! <3


  10. I haven't even watched an episode of Mad Men (uhh, is that bad?!) but I do love that style of clothing. Classy!

  11. I agree, she has a wonderful look. Lovely! makes me want to make similar style dresses:)


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