Frock Up Friday


Since my first “Frock Up Friday” the week before last I have actually been wearing dresses & skirts much more than usual… & liking it. When I say “much more” though, it’s not even been as much as I would like – I am rather lacking in the dresses & skirts department. I have been perusing eBay for bargains (nothing yet) & even started sewing a tunic yesterday that was coming along swimmingly until *insert suspenseful piano riff here*, it was time to break out the bias binding.

I can’t tell you how much I hate, hate, HATE bias binding, or hate my complete & utter inability to deal with it. I ended up with perfectly stitched binding – maybe my best ever effort… on the WRONG SIDE. I don’t know how. These things happen when I am anywhere near the stuff. I think instead of unpicking the whole horrible affair I might just start again.

Wish me luck, & I think I will definitely frock up again next Friday, if you’d like to join me?

**I deleted this about 5 minutes after I posted it because I was feeling frump-alicious… it stayed in people’s readers though & just reinstating the bloody thing is easier than explaining over & over where the post went… I  did delete the picture though…!

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