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One often reads posts where a blogger declares that “…blogging has given me so much!”, & I would have to agree, literally.




I love that I can go in almost any room of my house & see things that have come from other Bloggers – things I saw & wanted (needed!) or things they saw or made & thought I would like.


It makes our little cottage even more cosy, so I thought I’d share a glimpse of just some of the things that really make our house a (blogger’s) home.



(Punk’s room: Pyjama monster & rainbow haired doll from Sam. Vintage fabric lap quilt from Deb. Suspence’s room: Tiny ted from Jess, SUPER robot softie from Cath, plaid bunny from Jennie. My room: Many brooches from Cam, one from Liz & one from Cinti’s shop. The lounge room: Chooky pin-cushion from Alex. On the way to the laundry: Singlet from Bec, Skirt from Kate & another lovely dress from Alex. Kitchen: WELL used 80’s-esque tea towel from Nic.)

tea towel


  1. A great post Vic - I have a (blogger) house too and I love it. Blogging and bloggers make everything better. So glad to see a well used tea towel - that's what they're for, after all! Nic x

  2. I recognise so many of those things. I love the way many of the things I have made, bought or been given remind me of other bloggers.

  3. I feel the same- ( so nice to see my robot!! I forgot what he looked like!!) Little things everyhwere, little bookmarks or bits of fabric, brooches, softies for me ( I mean for Busy) love it!

  4. gorgeous Post Vic.
    And couldn't agree more too, I also have many bloggy makings and things and how it adds a element of love, life, comfort and thought.
    PS Hi boris!

  5. Sooo true! And, isn't it nice that the things in your house have a story and have some meaning?
    You don't get that when you buy something from a multinational chain!

  6. Oooh and you have one of Jodie's elephants! I really must get one of those. I know exactly what you mean. When I open up my new little guy's top drawer I find two hand knitted vests, a crocheted jacket, two Liberty kimono style shirts, a knitted hat, a QUILT, a pair of reversible pants and matching bib and that's just in his DRAWER! Totally awesome. The Mr can't believe I haven't even met some of the people who have made these things. Too cool. (and an excellent topic to blog about ;)

  7. Isn't that beautiful. It really is a happy place this blogland~ im into it.

    xo em

  8. Isn't that beautiful. It really is a happy place this blogland~ im into it.

    xo em

  9. Lucky you! ANd great photies of all your cool things!

  10. What a gorgeous house you have ... so many wonderful bloggy things!


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