If I were the type to use a “word” like ‘Amazeballs’, I would be inclined to use it about work like this.


I found Kira Shaimanova the day after Amy Winehouse died when Regretsy linked to the distasteful profiteering on Etsy by way of an Amy Winehouse treasury. By the time I made it over the front page was Amy-free so I did a search to see what sort of horrors were on offer, which is when I found the amazing work “Amy Wildhorse” (created long before Amy’s unfortunate death) & had to see what else this artist had to offer.


This stuff puts me in mind of the old animated films that used to be on sometimes in school holidays, like Willy McBean & his Magic Machine, executed with an artist’s flair & meticulous attention to detail, I love it all.


(Definition of “Amazeballs” from the Urban Dictionary

Some annoying term Perez Hilton keeps trying to make happen, by saying it repeatedly, even though it makes no sense, and getting twitter followers to try and make it a trending topic, to make himself more famous for no reason.

Eg: The fact that someone like Perez Hilton can make six figures by being an annoying douchebag is amazeballs.)


  1. wow, that is amazing work. I had to laugh at your use of amazeballs. it has crept into my vocabulary just inside my head somehow and had no idea why... I'm still puzzled because I hate perez hilton and never look at his site!

  2. i have heard that like five times this last week and never heard it before. glad for the hilarious UD explanation!

  3. I would buy the card playing one unironically.

    Also, I got "amazeballs" from Alex Albrecht of Diggnation/Totally Rad Show.

  4. Thank you for the lovely write up, really appreciate it :)


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