Bike bike baby.

I have decided what I want for my birthday (it’s best to get in early).


A new bike.


I just have to decide what sort of bikeoh the possibilities (Within reason, I hear my darling mumbling)!


Those of you that have been here for ages & ages & ages will recall that I used to ride everywhere, all the time, but then I got my licence, a preggers belly, a new baby & my bike got neglected to such a point that I think it is almost unsalvageable (think flat, think broken, think rusty, also think even if it were salvageable… I want a new bike).


Suspence will be big enough soon to go in the bike in the seat that Punky used to love so much & I miss just jumping on the bike to go get milk or bread, so a-drooling over bikey things I shall be until it’s time to choose in earnest.


A very spunky young lass that I used to work with in Bondi has a biking blog over here with a friend of hers. It’s called Feather Brigade – check it out for all sorts of cute bike related things, including what they get up to on the city streets with their glam wheels. I was just perusing when I saw a link to CycleStyle…. if you have a bike peeps, take your credit card out of the freezer before you click over to take a look, anything & everything you could ever want for your bike is there, including heaps of things you never knew you needed (but you so do).


(images via weheartit)


  1. What bike is complete wihout fairy lights? Love that last photo.

  2. Brilliant!
    I'll try to remember to send you the details of the kiddie thing for the back. I'm thrilled with it.

  3. ohhh - i've seen some gorgeous ones recently in a shop. so expensive tho. Hope you find a goodun!x

  4. "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiike"

    Hooray for bikes! Your post has reminded me of this post http://lolanovablog.blogspot.com/2009/05/strange-love.html

    and that it is high time I gave my bike some love.
    Wish we could go for a bike ride together!

  5. maybe something like this
    Hope that link works. This bike was at a market I was at on the weekend.

  6. Fairy lights!!! gorgeous picture! (p.s. maybe opt for a tandem bike - they are seriously underated and often unfairly laughed at)

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