My Kryptonite.

When I go opping there are many things I will buy in a heartbeat & be happy with, but none could I possibly need less than another annual.


They are my oppy Kryptonite, my absolute weakness, the thing I will buy for no other reason than I can’t NOT buy them. They fascinate me. They are fun & interesting, remind me of hours spent rummaging amongst my Gran’s bookshelves & are the tiniest piece of history bundled up into a hardcover book with the year conveniently printed on the cover.


We did the rounds yesterday & I found these two; ‘Misty’ & ‘Eagle’ both from 1983, in an oppy having a half price book sale. Had they not been half price I may have wavered on the ‘Eagle’ one – I don’t necessarily NEED boy-themed annuals, but for $2 I really didn’t have any choice.


Why don’t they make annuals any more? Do you have oppy Kryptonite? Doilies? Crochet hooks?

I bet you do.


  1. My Nanna used to give me British girls annuals when I was in primary school. They were unbelievably daggy but I wish I still had them.

    Annuals are still published, but I think they may mostly be telly-themed ones. I was amazed last time I was in the UK and visited a bookshop in the lead-up to Christmas, to see how determined the British publishing industry is to sell books to non-readers. Your intellectual limit could be Top Gear or Little Britain and there'd still be a dozen books you could buy to entertain yourself. I think the Australian publishing industry struggles because it doesn't aim low enough.

    Amazon UK has over a thousand results for '2010 annual'. In amongst the football annuals and X Factor annuals, I do see Brownie, Beano, and The Girls' Annual: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Girls-Annual-2010-n/dp/1906082553/ref=sr_1_30?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310768763&sr=1-30

  2. Thats a great collection Vic!
    I'd have to say the authentic 60's 70's fabric would be my weakness. Not finding alot of it around here tho!XX

  3. I think because the British no longer make them. Kids would prefer computer games.

    I went through a stage of collecting the Judy Annuals to add to my 'Judith, Judy and Jude' book collections. Yes, 32 books to date. Mostly from my Mum, most are pre-loved and a few are new.

  4. Oooh, I loved reading all the old annuals my mum and dad and various rellies had saved from their youth. Some of the girls' annuals from the 50's were a hoot.

    I noticed that the Mr Men have an annual and there's a Lego one too. Its still slim pickings though. Enjoy your collection!

  5. Ohhhh I LOVE your annual collection! I never seem to see them here. Occasionally will spy one in a second hand book shop but often not in great condition and awfully expensive prices. I remember reading them as a young girl and loving them. I hate that everything these days seems to be oriented around whatever TV show is the latest fad.I haven't seen an annual for sale in years.

  6. I've never even picked up an annual but I assure you next time I'll have a look and see what you are on about. I can never walk past bias binding. Love the stuff. Not sure why. I have a heap and still I want more.

  7. Ohh my nanna and grandpa had piles of old annuals from when my mum and her sister and brothers were kids.. they were fantastic. I wonder what happened to them... they'd be lovely to still have for my own children.

  8. I LOVE old annuals, when I was a kid I was a bit of a tomboy and each year in my Christmas stocking Santa would leave wither the Dandy or Beano annual :-)


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