Getting back on the horse.

I’m really missing blogging regularly but keep making excuses to myself as to why I can’t or I don’t have time to. As I said in my last post I have been uncharacteristically domestic lately and weirdly, it’s getting me down.


Too much work & no play makes Vic a tad grumpy. So I am making a little pledge to blog every day for two weeks in the hopes that I will get back into the bloggy groove, starting today.

Funny Horse Smile10

If you need a bit of motivation too feel free to join me; it’s only two weeks… we can do it, & we may even want to keep it up afterwards. Stranger things have happened.


  1. Sounds good. I have never done a blog a day. Today I have found my good camera and will aim to do a bit more cleaning. I always want to clean when I have exams to mark or reports to write. Will gather all my felting stuff so I can work out what I want to buy at the Wool Show.

    Package in the mail this arvo.

  2. woohoo! go you, what a good idea! i will temporarily throw my hat in the ring, though i have a feeling i'll fail spectacularly...
    i'll be able to keep you motivated at least on twitter!

  3. ohhh i can so relate. it is SO hard to keep a happy balance i reckon. LOVE your doggie jumper and i dont even have a dog. It is very cute.

  4. Holy heck woman! There's no way I can blog daily and keep the family in a (relatively) clean supply of underwear (nearly) every day. But I shall enjoy watching from a wee distance...

  5. Daily!!! Gosh the pressure it would drive me further away!

    We all have phases - let this one ride - you will be back - I know it... even just to organise another swap (wink)

  6. Thought I'd missed you on here! If you take lots of photos daily, it's actually not that hard. Good luck ;)

  7. i told you I missed you!!
    I can't get my act together for a post a week nowdays not to mention everyday.
    i am of no use to you here or on twitter.
    i'll just sulk by myself in a corner..geez I am really a downer today! ♥

  8. I hope you're not comparing yourself to a horse's ......
    Only joking. I can't say I intend to join you on the 2 week thing but good luck with it!


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