Zucchini fever.


After The Boy brought in a massive yarrow (look at me with my gardening knowledge… a massive zucchini is called a yarrow & probably tastes just as appetizing as it sounds…) from his garden last night I realised I haven’t shared it with you yet – so here are some pictures of his pride & joy.


Oohparently, zucchinis grow like weeds, & The Boy planted a lot of them. We eat quite a bit of zucchini, but not that much, so his peeps at work have been receiving bagfuls, as as his Mum, there are yellow ones, stripy ones, round ones – it really is zucchini fever over here!


Also thriving are potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, rainbow chard, spinach, silver beet, corn, lettuce, cabbage & probably some other stuff I’ve missed – he’s from the Jackie French school of gardening – throw everything in as close together as you can & see what happens.


I love going outside to the lush greenery of the garden & realising that it’s all for us! We don’t have a single flower-type plant in the garden – there were a few here but The Boy ripped them up quick smart – they were taking up valuable veggie room!


Punky takes great pride in declaring all the produce from the garden “Hers” & greater pleasure in snaffling tomatoes as soon as they’re ready. She also likes the “white butterflies”… Daddy; not so much.


One downside is our water bill has gone up quite a bit – The Boy had the audacity to blame it on Suspence’s lovely nappies!!


  1. I am so very VERY JEALOUS!! My garden is not half as lush or productive. It is a wonderful thing to have veggies from your own yard. You need a couple of bantams now :)

  2. So wish I'd planted zucchinis this year. I was looking at my veggie plots this week and I really haven't got the best out of the season.

  3. I have a limited "how-to-cook-up- zucchinis-so-they-will-be-eaten-by-kidlets" repertoire of recipes...and they usually involve grating the little buggers up and adding them to what is cooking. However I am generally jealous of your haul. We have a few tomatoes scattered amongst our urban garden plants and a basil bush of two. Maybe our espaliered fruit trees might beat the birds and the Staffy and produce a ripe peach or two sometime lol.

  4. OOh I'm a bit green with envy too. My courtyard gets no light, so I can't grow any vegies or anything exciting.
    What a wonderful thing to have right at your fingertips xo

  5. Haha, is he part Italian or Greek or something? Next he'll be concreting the grassway, to save water and time for the vegies. But I am seriously jealous! It's not like you don't have much to do, what about making relish etc HAHA.

  6. Your veggie garden is looking marvellous! My sister would be so jealous, hers isn't looking anywhere near as LUSH!
    Got any good zucchini recipes to share? I imagine my sister will be giving me some of her crop soon!

  7. Love the garden :) Not touching the comment about the nappies...lol...
    Best wishes, Jenny

  8. 'Punky's' garden looks amazing! our zucchinis are also about to go nuts. tonight we had stuffed tempura zucchini flowers, amazingly good :) and pretty easy

  9. Make sure you bottle some tomatoes and vegies up in relishes and sauces for the winter! Sounds very time-consuming but I promise you'll be loving the fresh flavours that remind you of the summer garden come winter!

  10. Hey Vic, thank you for this amusing post :)! It put a big smile on my face (several times, actually).

    When we've moved to our new house (see e-mail) we're ABSOLUTELY gonna plant some veggies ♥♥♥ in our new gardeeeen (imagine an opera singer singing that last word :D). Hope they won't dry up, since I'm not good at remembering to regularly water them *sigh*...

    ... now off to write you a letter, well okay... e-mail (doesn't "letter" sound much better?).


  11. I'm as green as your garden ... I'd love a patch of dirt where I could watch my garden grow with a couple of chooks clucking round ... not in this life time.
    Love your post and pics Vic, life is looking pretty splendiferous, so very, very happy for you ;)

  12. HELLO GARDEN. I had no clue you had a veggie garden and I am so inspired by your photos!!! Tell your boy that I am mighty impressed.

    We're waiting for our first water bill since putting in the 5 beds. Not excited. at. all.

    Enjoy your zuccini's. I think we'll put them in next Summer. Our beds are all full up at the moment.


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