I mentioned on Kate’s post about her fabbo colourful carrots that The Boy had tried to grow himself a selection of different carrots but all but one came up orange.

Yesterday when I was out in the garden I thought I might like to have a munch on a fresh carrot & pulled up one of the bigger ones (though still small)… it was red!


Uhoh! I thought about stuffing it back in the hole in the ground (would that even work??) or keeping it to show The Boy & grabbing another – but what if that was red too?


So I ate it. It was orange in the middle; I had no idea.

He was understandably upset when I sheepishly admitted my red-carrot plundering to him later, hopefully the rest of the crop will be gloriously multi-coloured. Fingers firmly crossed (& kept out of the carrot patch).


  1. He he! You ar such a naughty girl...
    We also have had quite bad luck with even numbers of all the colours so have started buying the seeds in separate colour lots.

  2. They look divine, and can you imagine the colour it would bring to dinner? Lovely! xx

  3. We planted a mix of carrot, and of the lot only 2 were white. I like Kate's idea of buying the colour lots.

  4. I have never seen this before, they'd look fab on your Sunday roast though!

    B x

  5. We planted purple carrots in January and their greenery is HUGE, but last week we too couldn't resist and pulled out the biggest leafy one... which was actually a smaller carrot than yours. How annoying. So my boy actually jammed it back ... it wilted then died. So no that doesn't work lol


  6. I just pulled some of these this week too. having totally forgotten that i had planted red ones...


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