Good Morning.

That’s what we’re having here so far. Miss Punk is now a kinder-girl, she started last week & loves it; abandoned Suspence & I at the door & was straight into painting & play dough…


So, back home we came, Supsence ready for a nap & Mama ready for an apple Danish & an iced coffee.

A good morning indeed – although I am a little bit lost without my big girl here, a problem that will be remedied in about forty minutes, when I will be asking myself why I didn’t do something constructive while I had the chance.


  1. Oh my goodness VIc, what a big time for you and the Punkster!!
    But I'm so glad she's loving it! xo

  2. What a gorgeous smile. My, Punk is growing up! It is so nice when they can walk into kindy and love it leaving you without any tears (even if it tugs at the heart strings) You will learn to value the time esp with Spencer! Personally I think kindy should be an all day affair 7 days a week but that's just me lol ;)

  3. Oh - the times are a changing! Well done - it's liberating in so many ways for that to finally happen.

    Hope she enjoys the pants off of it!


  4. How exciting! Sounds like she was ready for it - she must love it!
    Its nice having a bit of one on one with the little one though!?x

  5. Awesome. You have done an excellent job if she is happy to be off like that. Congrats Mum!


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