I’ve never joined in with Maxabella’s meme before & I really should try to from now on; if there is something we should all do more regularly it is stop & think about just what we have that we cherish.


After the shock of the Christchurch earthquake & the sadness that has been radiating from it; the loss, the devastation; I am, more than ever, so grateful to be safe here in our little home, with my two gorgeous children.

What are  you grateful for?


  1. I hear you on this one. I am so grateful my my beautiful girls and their good health. My friend watched as the cathedral fell down, he had 127 stitches and lost his home. I feel so lucky to have what I do.

    PS. For the record, I have been up since 5.30am (not by choice!) - hence the cinnamon scrolls!!!

  2. Just gorgeous Vic!! And well that Spencer is one big spunk.
    Like you I feel enormously grateful to be safe and untouched in my house. ANd my loved ones too xo

  3. Agree totally. Gorgeous happy snap. (My that Spence is a right royal little cutie, isn't he?)

  4. Yes, hold on to the happiness & safety you have in your life, cuddles to your little ones, love Posie

  5. Your kiddies are gorgeous, such sunny smiley faces :)

    Welcome to the blog hop. I've discovered lots of new blogs by joining in with Maxabella, hope you do too.

  6. Adorable little munchkins you have there!! I love Maxabella grateful linky - and agree, it's a really good time to be thankful for what we have!

  7. EEK.................melt your heart pic, beautiful.
    You're right, so many of us have so much to be grateful for!

    B xxx

  8. Welcome, Vic! It's lovely to see you today.

    Above all else, I too am grateful for my children and husband. My home. x

  9. What a lovely grateful. I find it hard to be living my good life while others' lives are crumbling. Is it just me, or are things getting worse around here?

    You have beautiful children, and that photograph of them is just stunning! xx

  10. Heartbreaking. It makes all of us want to hold those little people closer. My heart goes out to NZ and the people of Christchurch.
    Lovely grateful.

  11. Beautiful kids! I have noticed that practising being grateful on Saturdays with Maxabella has helped me to practise it during the week as well..it's a good habit!


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