The Punk-induced injuries my old sewing machine sustained last week proved fatal, in spite of my heavy-duty gluing efforts, there was nothing I could do but hope for another sewing machine to fall from the sky.

I posted a “Wanted to buy” on my local Buy, Swap & Sell facebook page & received a message from a lady with an Elna in good working order she could give me for $50 – halleluiah!

Suspence & I drove out to have a look at her on Monday; The lady wanted me to have a bit of a test-sew & was holding Suspence when, horror of horrors, he pee’d everywhere. EVERYWHERE. There was an actual puddle of pee on the floor, & pee dripping from the poor lady… Mortified is not a strong enough word… I practically threw the $50 at her while apologising like someone with an unusual form of Tourette’s, & ran out the door.


Here she is. I wanted to call her Ellie, but oohparently she will only go by Eleanor, a grand name for a grand Swedish gal. She’s not as old as I thought she’d be, she sews like a dream & has some fancy-pants stitches that my old machine didn’t have… I do believe it’s love.


  1. She's very elegant. Looks sturdy too. My mum has a 30 year old Elna that's still going strong (wish she'd let me have her).

    Oh and I know all about the spillage incidents - I had Goo leak runny breastmilk poo over a lady from a church group - the lady had to go home and change clothes!

  2. Aw, can't beat a good love story.
    COuld have been worse- Spence could have wee'd all over the sewing machine. Horror!

  3. Eleanor looks lovely. Glad you got to bring her home.

    Sorry, I had to laugh at ththe wee incident - I must say better than poor or spew (and I've had both of those occur!).

  4. Yay - she looks in very good order - LOL at Spence:) You poor thing. I am certian that the lady did not mind, she must have thought him cute enough to offer a cuddle in the first place:)

  5. I love both my Elna machines, and I call them both, erm, Elna.

  6. Hooray!
    So when can we see some supercool Suspense duds?

  7. Oh she looks fantastic! Just the ticket really :)
    I agree with Tas - lucky the wee wasn't sent machine-ward!!

  8. That looks like a good solid machine with not too many breakable bits. I hope you're very happy together!

  9. I'm pretty jealous!
    I just got a new-old sering machine which, opposite to you, is much older than I thought, and sews like a nightmare....
    Her name is nice though - Necchi (a very old professional Italian piece).

    Have fun sewing!

  10. Yay, she looks so pretty! Where's your old machine? Hope you still have a place for it in your sewing shack (and in you heart...) :)!

  11. Yay!!! Brilliant story on the welcoming of Eleanor. She looks perfect. Good one ;)


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