Oh So Pretty…


I am writing this in eager anticipation of an imminent craft project. Yes, that’s right, I’m planning on making something! I know. I’m shocked too.


I’m going to make a bag, another Emma Day Bag – since I had to give my last one away & I am just a teensy bit excited about the fabric I have chosen for it. I’ve never really been one for favourite fabric or designer collections – while some people drool over the latest Heather Ross print or scratch each other’s eyes out for the last scrap of some exclusive Alexander Henry fabric, I have been happy to squirrel away old sheets from the opshop & the remnants of forgotten fabric stashes at garage sales. I appreciate pretty fabric as much as the next person, but I didn’t need it to make my crafting world complete… but…


I have found a fabric designer who is so unique to me that they seem like a genius mastermind! There is not a single print or colour-way that I don’t adore, so I wanted to share the love (or enable, if you will) & introduce those of you who, like me, are not particularly in the loop or designer fabric savvy, to Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya, and her Echino collection.


Her work & collections aren’t new, just new to me, but her designs are just… well… I’ll let them speak for themselves. I want to cover every surface with them, wear them, admire them & most importantly MAKE STUFF with them… & I will be making something, soon! As soon as my fabric arrives & I can wrangle an hour or two alone with my sewing machine.


So, if you are more into the funky fabric world than I, do you have a favourite designer? Share the love!

(Images & my pending fabric delivery from Kelani)


  1. Definitely a stunning fabric designer! I'm loving the last print the most, popping over to check the shop now! I'll look forward to seeing what you make with it.

  2. Nope, I'm not a fabric designer knower or lover either, but give me a vinateg floral and I'm yours.

  3. I love a wide range of fabrics from some nice designer stuff to oppy sheets. You are just asking to be enabled, aren't you? Welcome to the dark side.

  4. Love the fabrics! I am a bit of a fabric collector even though I can't sew. Go figure. x

  5. Oh Lord, what a question :D.

    I fell in love with LOTS and LOTS of fabrics, and can't tell which designs I love the most. But there are definitely some favorites amongst them: Michael Miller fabrics are gorgeous, I love Kokka and Echino, and Alexander Henry and the star prints by Riley Blake, and so on and so on... :).

    Take a look at this site (if you haven't already): http://www.fabricworm.com - love, love, love ♥!

  6. Lovely Work, the birds in red are very well created. Your Color Combination is too good!! on this fabric. I like the last design, the most.


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