Blogging one-handed from an iPod…

…is much harder than one would think, but I promised lovely Cath that I would post about her mad robot making skillz when her fabulous robot plushie Victor made his debut over at Kid Independent for Plushie Palooza!


Isn’t he great?! And what about his name, eh? Whoever he is named after must be one awesome, if possibly sleep deprived & smelling of baby sick, individual, me thinks.

If you love ol’Victor as much as I do – & seriously, how could you not? – do head over to his post & let everybody know. If there is any justice at all in this world, the gazillion comments his cute self will elicit will win his creator the coveted hand felted Golden Plushie award, & bucketfuls of kudos & well-deserved glory, of course.

I think that’s everything…? Sorry if I missed something tres important Cath!

On a sidenote: I am the THE slackest post partum blogger in the universe, I’m sorry, & I miss you all immensely! I was shocked & dismayed to find last night, when clicking on my reader for the FIRST TIME SINCE SPENCE ARRIVED, that the blog world has not only continued on swimmingly without me, but is thriving & I am sure to have missed many important & interesting developments! The horror!

If my wee man ever decides that he might like to sleep someplace other than in my arms, or is content for longer than it takes me to take a shower or hug a Punk, I’ll try to pop in with an update or seven, but for now my loves expect any posts from me to be sporadic at the very least, & few & far between!!



  1. lovely to hear from you, Vic! Best wishes, and looking forward to hearing from you when you have 2 hands free xx (and of course, I've voted for Cath too!)

  2. Good to hear from you! Most of my blog posts are typed with my left hand while breastfeeding or rocking a baby to sleep. At least my little one will sleep in her chair or hammock for an hour at a time during the day - hope yours soon becomes more understanding of your need to use both your arms!

  3. Great to see you are still about Vic, I think you need to invest is a nice wrap or carrier for wee Spence then you can get your bloggy fix. Hugs xx

  4. Post-partum blogger *chuckle* Little man seems to have you sorted then!

  5. SOOO good to hear from you.Gee I've missed you! Please pop up again soon.
    But then again you do have a killer of an excuse xo

  6. Congratulations on Spencer! Been out of blog world lately. My heart skipped a beat when I saw you blog and saw the gorgeous pic of you kiddes.

  7. Hey Vic, glad you are around and about. Little Spencer obviously knows what he wants, his super special Mum! Hope he lets you have the use of your extremities more and more so we can have your delightful presence gracing our blogrolls again regularly. Until then, we'll take what we can get, when we can get it :-)


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